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Translation automation has come a long way - from rule-based and statistical machine translation to neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning — with ever more accurate results. Ideal for the rapid pace of today's business, Andovar’s AI-powered translation solutions moves your content to market quickly, upping your return on investment. Select a ready-to-go translation engine, available for multiple languages and domains, or customize an engine for maximum flexibility.

Professional post-editors polish every project. Andovar’s extensive team of specially trained post-editors finetune your translated content to ensure it meets your needs, balancing quality and schedule.

    Andovar incorporates nine AI-powered translation engines including ready-to-deploy and fully customizable solutions. All options are integrated with our translation management system, meaning we can deploy the best solution suited to your needs in rapid time, often in just a matter of days.

      Even with human editing, the cost benefits of AI translation vastly outweigh those of traditional human translation, especially for large-scale content localization needs.

        Quality assurance matters most to us at Andovar, which is why we utilize a variety of tools and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver top-notch quality translations to each of our clients, every time. Our MQM Quality Assurance solutions allow you to manage localization quality as you automate the management process of all of your translations. From designing a customized quality profile based on your translation needs to automatically detecting potential issues or content that has been lost in translation, Andovar is here to help with our machine translation services and solutions.

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          Large language models (LLMs) have revolutionized the way we approach automated translation and quality assurance (QA). By leveraging vast amounts of language data and deep learning techniques, LLMs can improve the output of machine translation systems and enable automated QA, complementing human QA processes.

          These powerful models enable our team at Andovar to significantly increase efficiency and productivity by performing translations and QA checks at an unprecedented scale. The advanced algorithms used by LLMs allow us to provide translations that are more accurate, consistent, and nuanced than ever before.

          Automated QA checks performed by LLM-powered tools ensure that every translation adheres to our strict quality standards. By using LLM-based QA tools alongside human QA checks, we are able to identify and rectify any errors or inconsistencies in the translation process quickly and efficiently, further improving the quality of our translations.

          Large language models play a crucial role in our translation and QA processes. They enable us to increase efficiency and productivity while providing translations that are of the highest quality. With their assistance, we are able to ensure that our clients' messages are effectively communicated across cultures and languages.

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            Over 30 State-of-the-Art Integrated AI Translation Engines

            Whenever you are in the process of translating content or materials for any purpose, you may require different translation applications and platforms to help you get started. Andovar deploys a range of platforms in conjunction with Andovar's QA and TMS to ensure quality, accuracy, and cultural relevance across all content types and languages. The engines connected to Phrase Translate are all secure, private engines, meaning they are not publicly available and do not share content outside of our own technology ecosystem. Engines integrated with our tech stack include:

            Google Cloud Translation

            Google's Enterprise Solution, Google Cloud Translate is one of the most popular and best performing neural MT engines available today. Notable features include the ability to customize engines and import terminology lists.

            Amazon Translate

            Amazon Translate is another translation giant that operates similarly to Google Translate, using a cloud-based translation server. When paired with MT post-editors and seamlessly integrated with our translation tech-stack, it is a formidable tool.

            Microsoft Translator

            Microsoft Translator supports 90 languages and dialects. Built for corporate use, MS Translator is customizable with terminology lists and is a highly scalable option.


            DeepL is another cloud-based translation service that integrates seamlessly with Phrase. Highly secure using end-to-end encryption, DeepL engines are trained with millions of European-language words. While considered one of the best in translating EU languages, DeepL has recently expanded into Asian languages with the inclusion of Japanese and Chinese engines.

            Tencent MT

            Combining both neural and statistical machine translation, Tencent Cloud's Tencent Machine Translation, or TMT, supports 160 language pairs. Tencent is one of the largest Asian computing and technology companies, which is why it is no surprise that Tencent's own TMT has come to the forefront.

            Language Studio

            Language Studio is a custom state-of-the-art neural machine translation service that relies heavily on AI and machine learning. If you are seeking for a GDRP-compliant on-premises translation solution that is fully customizable. Language Studio's deep neural machine translation solutions delivers.

            Systran PNMT

            SYSTRAN’s Pure Neural MT is based on complex algorithms that enable the engines to learn the rules of a language from a given translated text and produce high-quality translations.

            Ubiqus NMT

            Ubiqus NMT offers a breadth of engines for varying levels of translation needs. Of the 300+ engines available through Ubiqus NMT, 80% are for general translation, covering the most commonly requested language pairs, while the remaining 20% are specialized for industries such as finance, medicine, law and technology.

            Yandex Translate

            Yandex Translate uses machine translation technology developed at Yandex to enable developers to integrate machine translation into their localization workflows. Yandex Translate is currently available in more than 90 languages.


            Scaling Global Content

            Using translation automation technologies can help you expand your business across all markets and industries, from retail and eCommerce to engineering and technology.



            Translate your eCommerce storefront into endless languages with the use of AI. Never miss an opportunity again to maximize your reach and appeal to a much broader audience with machine translation solutions.



            Drive sales and generate leads with AI translation solutions, both online and off. Use AI solutions to ensure the quality and accuracy of sales, promotions, and even marketing materials for your retail venue.



            Use translation solutions to promote your travel agency and/or services. If you are running an international travel agency or blog, translations matter. AI translation services guarantee that information and content are never lost in translation.



            Whether you own your own used vehicle business or you provide information regarding foreign vehicles to an online community, proper translations go a long way. Extend your reach while building a professional and trustworthy reputation for your automotive business or brand.



            The fashion industry is uniquely global and always has been, which is why accurate translations are so significant for those involved. Use AI translation solutions to promote fashion events, fashion launches, and even up-and-coming fashion that is soon to hit the runway.


            Broadcast Media

            Working in broadcast media requires cultural sensitivity and an understanding of cultural respect. When you are promoting the media to international countries and locations, ensuring translations are not only accurate but also relevant to the audience you intend to reach is a must. Use Andovar's AI processing to ensure all of your translations are accurate and genuine for the location you are targeting.



            Manufacturing businesses ofttimes expand into international territories where businesses grow and continue to scale. If you are working in manufacturing and expanding your business overseas, using AI solutions is a must. Machine translation processing protects and preserves original content from instruction manuals, guides, and operational manuals without missing important information or steps.



            If you are working in engineering or if you are expanding your engineering company, turn to AI solutions for accuracy with each of your translations. Because it is imperative to retain complete accuracy with engineering guidance, walkthroughs, and instruction manuals, it is highly advisable to turn to Andovar for the highest quality of machine translation tools and services available today.



            Those working in the technology sector know just how important it is to provide quality and accurate translations. Use AI solutions whether you are expanding your technology-based business into international countries or if you simply want to maximize your reach and build a professional reputation for your company.

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            Elevate Quality with Human Post-editing

            Human post-editing elevates translation quality and style to the level of professional human translation. Even for complex translations, content with unique colloquialisms and for translations that require a personal touch, AI translation when combined with human post-editing makes it feasible to translate large volumes of content at human quality in shorter timeframes at reduced cost.


            Light post-editing involves minimal intervention by the post-editor, with the goal being to help the end-user understand the general gist of the content. Typical cases include internal corporate use, when the text is needed urgently, when the project has a short timeframe, or when the content value is not critical.

              A Double-edit as the name suggests includes two separate passes with two independent post-editors. This requires a higher level of interaction, to elevate the level of quality so it is indistinguishable from that of a professional human translation team. Output will be an accurate and stylistically appropriate translation. Typical cases for double-edit include higher value high-volume content such as product catalogs.

                Content triage is a process and methodology that helps you to prioritize content that you deem or label as most important. Prioritizing the type of content that you want to focus on most with your translations enables you to assign content to the various translation workflows (human, light post-edit or double-edit) and can help you to save time while streamlining the process of translating documents and business content. A few ways to prioritize your translation content may include:

                • Internal high-value content: These materials may include company policies, employee guidelines, training manuals, and even product overviews or specifications. Recommended translation workflows would include AI translation with double-edit or full human translation for important materials.
                • External high-value content: External high-value content is likely to include marketing materials, your website's online presence, annual budget and finance reports, user dashboards, employee software, business contracts, and more. Recommended translation workflow for marketing content would include full human translation or transcreation. Depending on language and content type, there may be potential for AI translation with double-edit for reports, contracts and software.
                • Internal low-value content: Some internal low-value content may include internal notes, meeting overviews, peer-to-peer emails, blog drafts, and materials that are related to day-to-day office emails and internal communications. Recommended translation workflows would include AI translation with a single edit.
                • External low-value content: External low-value content that requires translation may include content with shorter lifespans, quick blurbs or updates, help desk content, or even knowledge base questions and/or answers, depending on your business model and setup. Recommended translation workflows would include AI translation with light edit.
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                Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


                Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


                Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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                Frequently asked Questions

                Not exactly. Machine Translation typically refers to previous iterations of automated translation and includes statistical and rule-based methods. Modern day MT (also known as AI translation) is built using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep neural networks. Rather than simply inputting specific grammatical rules, AI-powered translation uses a variety of factors to ensure not only ensure technical correctness, but also tone, dialect, and style.

                Traditional machine translation services, which can result in clunky, nonsensical translations, are not as complex and robust as AI translation solutions which can learn and expand their knowledge with more input and instructions as time passes, making them highly accurate tools for translations.

                  In many cases it's better. However, AI translation is not intended to replace human translators. Both solutions are combined as part of a hybrid process. AI technology simply provides clients with greater scalability at reduced cost. All AI translation output is reviewed and edited by human translators in a process called post-editing. Sometimes, if the output from the translation engine is substandard, the editor may choose to translate certain segments from scratch.

                    While some solutions such as Google and Amazon provide machine translation services free of charge and are readily available online, they are not always the right solution for companies. The main reason is that free online solutions are not GDRP compliant. For sensitive or private materials, we recommend Language Studio, an on-premises custom solution. Any in-house or cloud-based solutions, including Google, Amazon, and DeepL, should be used in conjunction with post-editing for optimal results.

                      Almost any type of document or content can be translated with the right AI translation engine. It is important to note that AI translation solutions are not 100% accurate and yield differing results depending on language and content type. Therefore, varying levels of post-editing and review will always be required.

                        While AI-powered translation solutions have come a long way, they are still no match for the human eyes and brain. Post-editing is recommended to ensure not only that all translations are complete and accurate, but also that they have preserved the style, tone, and intent of the original author.
                        While the near future may offer AI translation solutions that are genuinely flawless, currently it is best to work in conjunction with professional editors to refine and validate your translations.

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