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Translation Quality Management

Control Quality Across all Content Types and Formats

Translations should not only be technically correct, but they should also be correct in the tone and dialect that is most relevant to your target audience. At Andovar, we control translation quality regardless of whether you are translating printed materials or expanding your brand's online presence.

Andovar's QA system adopts the Multi-dimensional Quality Metrics -- Dynamic Quality Framework, or MQM-DQF. Our QA system is the most complete, standardized translation quality issue type catalog that is currently in existence.

Andovar's Quality Assurance system is seamlessly integrated with our TMS, or Translation Management System, to ensure absolute accuracy and quality with each translation we complete.

    When translating materials manually, you will quickly discover that some text and materials are more important than others. Because not all quality and content standards are universal and set the same across the board, it is important to know how to distinguish which texts have specific requirements and/or genre-specific requirements.
    At Andovar, MQM-DQF translation tools help us to tailor translations based on the translation's purposes and quality as well as any client style guidelines we receive. It is also possible to set translation guidelines for specific types of texts and genres, simplifying the translation process whenever you work together with the translators at Andovar.

      When translating marketing text, the text itself does not require a literal translation. In fact, a client may prefer a more casual and conversational tone or direction for the translation. However, when translating a contract or another legal document, an accurate translation is imperative. Using our weighted system for translations, it is possible to assign specific importance and weight to various types of translations you require, based on your business model and the type of content you intend to translate. While you might set your severity weighting for traditional marketing text to a 0.5, you may increase the severity weighting to 2.0 or higher when working with legal texts or other materials that require literal translations and increased accuracy.

        Control Quality

        Quality Assessment Criteria

        Measuring the quality of the translations varies based on client needs as well as the type of content. Whether you are seeking literal/ accurate translation services for legal documentation or marketing copy that takes variety, dialect, and tone into account, Andovar customizes content quality assessments to ensure all of your translations meet your standards.



        • additions
        • omissions
        • mistranslations
        • incorrect TM match


        • grammar
        • inconsistency
        • character encoding


        • address format
        • currency format
        • measurements


        • culture-specific reference


        • length
        • local formatting
        • missing text
        • truncation/expansion
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        Ensure your content meets the expectations of your global audience with our third-party language review service


        Define. Measure. Analyse. Improve

        Define Quality

        Customize QA profiles based on content types

        One size does not fit all when it comes to language quality, and with this in mind, multiple QA profiles can be customized for specific content types and deployed via the platform. Users can tailor the severity and types of issues flagged while also implementing pass or fail thresholds in line with the required quality standards.

        Measure Quality

        Make quality manageable by turning it into numbers

        The platform pulls translation jobs from our translation management system into the online review environment, where linguists can review and collaborate with each other on QA translations. ContentQuo can record and categorize multiple translation issues within the same segment, even those which overlap. Improved translations are saved to bilingual files and TMs within one dashboard and shared back with Memsource via seamless integration, ensuring no changes are lost. Users have access to powerful project management tools, including chat & email, Kanban boards, task lists and project groups.

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        Measure Quality
        Analyse Quality

        Reduce risk through visual analysis of quality

        By centrally storing all data, evaluations and metrics are available from one secure online platform. Quality scores are instantly calculated once errors are annotated, available from real-time quality scorecards. Visual dashboards offer unparalleled, built-in analytics, uncovering insights to better inform decision making.

        Improve Quality

        Act on insights and keep data flowing

        Using insights can significantly improve your marketing and translation efforts in the future. The automation solutions provided by Andovar's translators ensure reliability in understanding the real causes of quality issues, across all languages you choose to use and translate. Using detailed analytics provides valuable insight into potential problem areas as well as language-specific tips or guides that are most relevant and useful to the audience you intend to reach. The analytics used provide unmatched insights, offering high-level overviews and granular, minute detail across all languages and content types that are most relevant to you and your target audience.

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        Improve Quality
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        Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


        Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


        Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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