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Technical Translation

Stress-free Professional Translations

From multinationals, to major brands and local businesses, we are there to help you with all of your translation needs for websites, apps, and other media. For over 15 years we have been leveraging our translator network, language technology and localization processes to ensure that our customers get quality translations that meet their satisfaction and drive business growth.

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Fast Turnaround

At Andovar, we provide fast turnarounds for your translations. We know that time is of the essence, and that translations can’t take weeks or be sent back and forth over emails. Our technology helps you get the fast turnarounds that modern business demands.


Competitive Pricing

Don’t stress about the price of your translations getting in the way of your business goals. At Andovar, we understand the importance of professional translation and offer a range of competitive pricing models and techniques to help you achieve your goals without blowing your budget.

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Over 80 Languages

We specialize in over 80 languages for translation, including over 200 language pairs. Enabling us to reach over 95% of internet users, we’re confident that we are able to provide your business with the tools and resources you need to get the message out to your global audience.

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Industry Specialization

No matter what industry your business is in, Andovar meets your needs. We go above and beyond to ensure that your content is translated by translators exerienced in your field no matter what language the materials are. By using our proven language technology and our own research into your business, Andovar is able to provide clear direction about industry specializations for your brand.

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All Types of Content

At Andovar, we translate all types of corporate content from websites to apps, videos and any other media formats you might have. Our multi-step process of translation, editing, and quality assurance guarantees that your content meets the goals you have set for your business. We also ensure that your terminology and style guidelines are followed to ensure a consistent corporate brand voice.

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High-Quality Results

At Andovar, we don’t believe in sacrificing high-quality translations for the sake of a quick turnaround. Our business is dedicated to ensuring that you get the highest-quality translations no matter what your turnaround requirements are. Our professional translators, technology and thorough quality assurance process delivers your business exceptional translated content at speed.


Benefits of Professional Translations Services

Discover what professional translation services from Andovar can do for your business.


Appeal to Larger Audiences

Professional translation services enable you to expand your audience as your business continues to develop and grow. At Andovar, we help you break down barriers and expand your markets across the globe in whatever language your audiences use. That helps you reach more people and grow your business to meet the increasingly global marketplace of today.


Get Certified Quality Results

As a business, you depend on quality, professional results to help you maintain your corporate appearance and increase your opportunities and outcomes. Professional translation services from a company like Andovar help you rest easy knowing that the results are going to match the style, tone, and professionalism of your corporate brand identity. We eliminate any awkwardness that could come from mistranslation with our detailed editing and quality assurance processes.


Connect through Culture

The most valuable communication comes from connecting with your audiences on a cultural level. However, even if your business content is multilingual, there's no guarantee it will resonate. By having translators and transcreators available for different dialects and nuances in languages, we at Andovar can assure our customers that they are getting the best language quality which appeals to new audiences across the globe.

What We Localize

A One-stop Language Solution for Any Multilingual Campaign








Solving the Translation Challenges of Today

Today’s digital challenges include the fast-paced and quickly-changing world we live in. There are many new channels for distribution that didn't exist in the past. Corporations, local offices and company stakeholders are becoming more geographically dispersed, making translation management more complex than in years past. Translation can no longer take days and weeks, instead it needs to be fast, effcient, and scalable for businesses across the globe to remain competitive.

A Cloud-Based Translation
A Cloud-Based Translation Management System

We manage all of our professional translations through a central translation management system, Memsource. This cloud-based technology automates the flow of content to and from project stakeholders and keeps your professional translations organized and accurate. Our technology enables you to scale your business into new areas with fast-paced translation turnarounds and cost-reducing automated workflows in 200+ languages and all major file types by optimizing the entire translation process.

    Dedicated Resource Department
    Dedicated Resource Department

    We leverage the talents of people who live in the countries you want to target so that the content matches the tone, dialect, or other linguistic differences of each area. We also perform a rigorous screening process on our translators and editors to ensure that they are able to match your quality needs. We make sure that everyone who works on translating your content has gone through a detailed sourcing, screening, testing, and classifying process so that only the best people are working on your content translations.

      Terminology Management Tools
      Terminology Management Tools

      Our professional translation technology uses Term Base, a translation glossary built into the core functionality of our translation management software. This allows you to approve or assign specific translations or instructions to words, terms, and acronyms as per your preference. Customize your key terms, use multiple languages, or specific contextual meaning all with Term Base tools.

        Translation Memory
        Translation Memory

        Andovar’s translation memory tool allows us to translate faster and more consistently. It stores sections of text in segments and repurposes them when the same segment or similar segment has been identified by the software, helping us deliver professional translations at a much faster rate while keeping the quality as high as ever.

          State of the Art
          State-of-the-Art AI-powered Translation Engines

          New innovations in AI technology have helped advance natural language processing with an approach called Neural Machine Translation. Andovar has nine different machine translation engines to access, helping us expand into more industries and solve the language translation challenges that have slowed down turnarounds for decades.

            Quality Assurance Technology
            Quality Assurance Technology

            As with any type of professional service, you need to know that the translations you get are accurate and that there are no errors that could reflect poorly on your business as you expand and grow into new markets. Our quality assurance technology can be customized to flag the severity and type of error to catch mistakes before they ever get delivered.

              Case Studies

              Success Stories


              Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


              Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


              Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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