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Grow your Spanish audience across channels with Spanish localization services by Andovar. Our experience has the breadth and depth to serve your Spanish language projects with:
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Spanish Translation

Andovar Spanish localization services address all major content types to enable your brand to resonate across all channels, on a variety of platforms, and through different mediums to connect with customers in their native Spanish language.

To have a true presence in the Spanish-speaking world, your company must communicate with potential customers in a way that shows an understanding of their culture and language, while demonstrating the nuance of native Spanish language speakers. Andovar Spanish translation services are used by companies of all sizes to expand their customer base and increase their market reach.
We provide accurate Spanish translation services for all your company’s needs, including:
Audio translations, including voiceovers and multimedia
Printed materials, such as technical manuals, company reports, contracts, and marketing collateral
Online materials, including direct translations of website pages, blogs, and social media
App and software user interfaces, including operational information, tutorials, and documentation
Educational materials like manuals, textbooks, or eLearning presentations
Andovar Spanish translation services provide translations that understand the regional nuances of the Spanish language. We provide native European Spanish speakers who can speak and write about your industry with expertise and maintain your brand.

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English to Spanish Translation Company

Andovar has six offices in Asia, Europe, and the USA, employing over 5,000 translators across the globe, and has translated over 1 billion words. As your partner in Spanish translation services, we understand the importance of maintaining your brand standards while drawing in new audiences in the Spanish-speaking community.

Recent statistics show that around 6% of the world's population speaks Spanish, and those numbers include individuals from over 20 different countries. Even in countries like the USA, where English is primarily spoken, Spanish speakers account for 23% of the population. When hiring Spanish translation services, it is important to understand the different ways that Spanish is written and spoken in different countries. The Andovar Spanish translation services described here focus on translation for the European Spanish market, specifically as it is spoken in the country of Spain. As your English to Spanish Translation Agency, we understand these unique differences and use a variety of translation tools and high-quality Spanish translators to provide the most effective and useful translations for every medium. Our translation tools and available technologies include:

Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CAT tools) – CAT tools can enhance the efficiency of translation services by employing initial translation services that use translation memory and termbases to maintain uniformity throughout documents. Other CAT tool features can help maintain word count consistency to produce branded printed and digital materials without the need to constantly revise graphics.

A state-of-the-art Translation Management System – With so much important information to translate, you want to maintain your company’s standards and be able to track every project as it moves through the Spanish translation process. With our Translation Management System, you benefit from project management and workflow automation to minimize reliance on human translation, but without sacrificing reliability, consistency, and efficiency.

Terminology Management – At the heart of quality Spanish translation services is the ability to collect correct terminology and deploy it correctly and consistently. Terminology Management is specific to the language and region of each project and will help you maintain the same standards required when using your native language.

Quality Assurance Testing – Whatever methods are determined to be most effective for your Spanish Translation services, quality assurance is used to catch and correct any issues before your project is finalized.

Andovar translation services don’t sacrifice technical accuracy and regional specificity for speed. All of our translation services and tools are available to offer you the best Spanish translations for all of your company’s needs. Contact us for a quote on Spanish translation services for your projects.


Spanish Translation Expertise

In today’s world of global commerce, Andovar provides translation expertise for:


Spanish Website Translation


Spanish Document Translation


Spanish Game Translation


Spanish App Translation


Spanish Document Translation


Spanish eLearning Translation


Spanish Subtitle Translation


Spanish Software Translation

Translation Tips

Spanish Translation Tips & Challenges

To ensure quality translation services, you need a company that understands all languages involved, and the way in which each language is used differently throughout the globe. European Spanish differs from Latin American Spanish in ways that can make a substantial difference for your intended audience. There are key considerations in translating to or from European Spanish to keep in mind.

Although some words may be written the same for various dialects of Spanish, their pronunciation may differ. For voice-over or spoken-word translations, European Spanish has words in which the “s” is pronounced as “th”, as just one example.
Different Spanish dialects may use different words for common items. For example, a cell phone in Spain would be a “movil”, but a “cellular” in Latin America. Using incorrect terminology may isolate your audience or reduce their respect for your brand.
Pronouns are also used differently by Spanish speakers in Spain when compared to Spanish speakers in Latin America.
Depending on the region, there are accent differences and the speed of speaking. Being aware of these difference is essential for proper translation services.
When speaking in the past tense, Spaniards are more likely to use past perfect tense, while Latin Americans are more likely to use the simple past tense.
The best way to ensure that your translation efforts are effective with your target audience is to employ a system that understands these nuanced differences and employs native-speaking translators for the high-quality end product.

Spanish Varieties and Dialects

With over 20 countries that primarily speak Spanish, there is a variety of accents, dialects, and expressions used. It is entirely possible that a Spanish speaker from Latin America would be understood in Spain, but just as there are differences between British and American English, so too are there differences among Spanish as it is spoken throughout the world.

To begin, Spanish spoken in Spain is called Castellano, not Espanol, which is how it is referred to in Latin America. The name refers to the town of Castile, where the Spanish language is believed to have originated. Additionally, accents and the speed of Spanish speakers from different countries may vary, which can make using highly generic translation services problematic.

In Spain and some Latin American countries, the usage of formal versus familiar pronouns will vary from that of other Latin American countries.

In Castilian Spanish, it is more likely that people would use the past perfect tense of verbs to describe previous actions. With Latin American Spanish, it would be more likely to use simple past tense.

As with many similar languages that are spoken across different countries or regions, there can be big differences between vocabulary terms. This is one of the areas in translation services with the most at stake. By using the wrong nouns for different items, you may reveal a lack of local language competency. This can put your company’s brand at risk if it appears that you do not understand the customers in a particular region.

There may also be a difference in the way some words are pronounced. Most Spaniards would pronounce a “z” or “c” sound like a “th”. If you have ever heard the city of Barcelona said by a Spaniard, you have heard it as, “Bar-the-lona”. In Latin American Spanish, the “c” sound would be a soft “c” as it is written. Castilian Spanish speakers would also pronounce the final letter “s” on many words, like “vamos”, while for those speaking Latin American Spanish, the final “s” sound is often dropped.

Even within countries, understanding regional and local accents and colloquialisms and using them appropriately lends credibility to your projects and earns the respect of your customers. Andovar understands how to corral the wide range of translation services available today and brings them together with excellent project management skills to produce the best Spanish translation service.


Professional Spanish Translators

Professional translation and localization services mean that you can expand globally, without sacrificing language that speaks to local audiences.


Global consumer brands like Spotify and Chevron, along with hospitality brands like Hilton Hotels and Airbnb, use our services to reach Spanish-speaking consumers while maintaining their brand image and messaging.

Our multi-faceted approach to your translation projects ensures timely delivery that doesn’t sacrifice quality and accuracy.

Andovar’s translation tools range from computer-assisted translation to highly qualified translators chosen with the subject-matter expertise your company requires. We provide translation for the entire range of your needs, from marketing and multimedia to eLearning, websites, software, and company documents.


Professional Spanish Voiceover

Our Spanish voice actors bring a range of talents to their voiceover work. Whether you seek to engage audiences in entertainment projects or deliver corporate content in Spanish, we bring the best talent to your projects.

For voiceover work, working with professionals bring together all the translation elements: the right actors, timing, a properly translated script, and narration that is appropriate to the project.

Global entertainment companies, like Netflix, and corporate names like HP use our Spanish voiceover services for dubbing, narration, and UN-style recording.

The project scope would include working with directors and others on pronunciation guides and language quality assurance.


Spanish Website Translation Services


Developing a global presence in today's world is difficult without website translation services. As the third most used language on the internet, Spanish translation is a key factor in expanding your reach through your website. For travel-focused consumers, Andovar customers like Airbnb use translation services to market their services more effectively. Other companies, like Ciena, use translation services for training purposes to make eLearning more convenient across borders.

Whether you need to manage multiple languages for eCommerce platforms, expand the reach of your content, translate landing pages and other corporate website elements, we are skilled in working on a variety of web platforms.

Our nuanced translations will give Spanish speakers the comfort of using digital media in their native language.


Spanish Software Translation Services


For software to be truly useful, it isn’t enough to offer a user interface in different languages. To be effective and improve the user experience, all aspects of the software should be translated – from Help and Resource files to manuals and tutorials.

Global software powerhouses like Oracle and Microsoft rely on Andovar’s translation services to provide quality language translation services for cloud- or server-based software as well as mobile apps.

The goal for Spanish software translation services should be a seamless experience for the user. Whether you have a new user who needs training via documents, manuals, or video, or long-term users who are served by update announcements and product upgrades, translation services need to constantly improve the user interface.

Don't sacrifice the substance of your software by having substandard translations.


Spanish Game Translation Services

The game universe covers every conceivable landscape both real and imaginary and spans every time period. Even the most universally visual game requires familiarization, localization, voiceover, and testing. Andovar hires Spanish gamers for our game translation services so none of the terminologies within your game universe is lost in translation. That’s why companies like and Gameloft rely on our game translation services. We have experience in every gaming format including PC, console, MMOG, mobile, handheld, and VR environments. The gaming community seeks increased engagement and eliminating language barriers allows your carefully planned game universe to be the star.

Just some of our Spanish game translation services that can help your business with your next gaming project include:



Our translators know how tricky it can be to translate Spanish to English or vice versa. Our translators ensure quality with seamless translations of any and all dialog.


User Interfaces

We help to translate UI, or user interfaces of games and applications without missing a beat or leaving out important characters. Our translators are well-versed in updating and editing menus, navigation bars, popups, and other buttons that appear within games.


Mobile App Descriptions

Andovar translators can help you to optimize your mobile game application descriptions to boost your SEO and online visibility.


Marketing and advertising

Promoting a game with accurate translations is essential to avoid turning away prospective customers.


User reviews

Reviews go a long way, especially with online and cloud-based games or software. Our translators help translate reviews from English to Spanish and vice versa to appeal to a much broader audience.

Into English

Spanish to English Translation Services

Don’t leave your Spanish to English translation to services that only offer a one-size-fits-all approach. To maintain accuracy and consistency, using native English professional translators and editors is a vital part of Spanish to English translation.

For corporate customers, this is the best way to guarantee that brand messaging is uniform in both languages.

For highly detailed industries, like medical or legal companies, attention to detail is vital.

Once effective translations are complete, document re-creation with similar formats and brand conformity will take the worry out of expanding your global brand presence.


Spanish Subtitle Translation Services

The digital age has exploded the amount of content available for consumers. Online videos, streaming content, corporate materials can all benefit from subtitling. Once a service for only the hard-of-hearing, subtitles are no longer an after-thought as companies seek to be more inclusive and extend the reach of their content to anyone who wants to experience it. We work with our clients on template creation, captions, and SDH (Subtitle for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing) to include unspoken context.

Omniscien Technologies and other subtitling companies work with Andovar because our extensive translation services bring experience with a variety of tools and platforms. We work within all subtitle file formats, supporting everything from srt to ttml, scc, vtt, and more. Whether you work with targeted content, like corporate videos, subscription streaming services, or public OTT and videos on YouTube and other sites, our Spanish subtitle translation services are backed by quality control.


Spanish Document Translation Services

If you aren’t working with an experienced Spanish translation service for your documents, you run the risk of a lot of things going wrong. Maintaining formatting in languages that differ in word count for similar concepts is critical. Our experience runs the gamut from MS Office documents like Word, PowerPoint, as well as graphic design programs like InDesign and Illustrator.

Properly translated Spanish can take up as much as 25% more space, so understanding how to carefully edit without sacrificing substance and meaning is important.

Translating technical documents requires native speaker expertise to ensure that your manuals and other technical documents are accurate while maintaining brand standards. Companies like Chevron and Nestles find success on a global playing field, and they do so by maintaining their high brand standards while reaching target audiences with effective Spanish document translation services.


Spanish elearning Translation Services

The variety of eLearning platforms benefits companies who seek a global presence. From training documents to translation services that support videos with voiceover and other video content, localizing your languages is the right move. We offer turnkey solutions for integration and testing while adhering to Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliance standards.

Our translation services can be applied to your learning management system, including software and video content. Global brands like Hyatt use Andovar for producing results in an industry that requires accurate and uniform company standards.

For member organizations, like Toastmasters, eLearning translation services are a valuable part of the member experience and offer value-added benefits. We are compatible with a variety of corporate eLearning publishing applications, including Articulate Rise, Articulate 360, Lectora, Captivate, and many more.


Spanish Language Facts

Spanish is used as the primary language of communication in over 20 territories and states throughout the world. These nations represent over 442 million Spanish speakers or roughly 6% of the world's population. Mexico is the country with the highest population of Spanish speakers, with a population of over 100 million.

In addition, Spanish is spoken in countries that have English as their primary language. In the USA, about 23% of the population, or 52 million people speak Spanish.
Andorra, Belize, and Gibraltar are also countries with a high population of Spanish speakers, even though their primary language is not Spanish.
Spanish is the third most often used language on the internet, with a reported 8% of websites written in Spanish.
This number does not differentiate between Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish.
The number one language on the internet is English, with just over 25% of users. Chinese is the second most common language on the internet, used by nearly 20% of users
How we work

Go Global in 3 Easy steps

Consult & Prepare

At the beginning of every project, we carry out an in-depth consultation to ensure we fully understand the requirements and to determine the technology we will deploy.

Connect & Localize

Using content connectors, API, translation memories and termbase, as well as style guides and other reference materials, the translation and localization process begins.

Test & launch

All projects undergo MQM quality assurance prior to delivery, including human and automated QA checks, as well as linguistic and functional testing.


Frequently Asked Questions

The turnaround time is typically estimated based on the volume of work and content complexity. Our non-rush turnarounds for Traditional Chinese languages are approximately as follows:

  • up to 500 words - under 24 hours
  • 1,000 to 2,000 words - under 36 hours
  • over 2,000 words - at least 1,500 words per day

    If you are in a rush and in urgent need of translation & localization services, just contact us, and our Account Manager will find the right solution for you.Get your free estimate today!

Yes. We work exclusively with over 500 native highly-qualified Spanish translators, editors and terminologists to ensure professional, content-suited results. Moreover, we provide a free comprehensive revision if you happen to be unsatisfied.

    For your ultimate comfort and convenience, an assigned project manager will be there to assist you with your project. He/she prepares, supervises, and manages all the processes related to your project including communication with the involved linguists.

      Yes, you have the full say in which talent(s) will partake in your Spanish language request. For every language we have a selection of voice talents to choose from. We make sure your vision comes to life!

        Case Studies

        Success Stories


        Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


        Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


        Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.