Video Localization and Translation Services

Innovative video localization solutions designed to help you reach new markets and new customers quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.
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Video Localization and Translation Services

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The power of video content is undeniable. Reach an unlimited number of people by broadcasting your message with clarity in any language, platform or format with Andovar’s professional video translation services.

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One of Andovar’s star features are its powerful AI tools, which recognize over 30 languages and automatically transcribe speech. Human experts correct any errors in a more time efficient manner than traditional methods can ever achieve--allowing us to provide quick turnaround on requests from clients around the world with ease!

    A pre-stage task involves the use of AI to accurately transcribe and review videos. Precision time stamps are added following timed style guide specifications resulting in a ready-made template to effectively proceed with to the translation stage.

      We know that every language has its own unique flavor, which is why we provide subtitles in over 200 different languages. Our subtitlers are experts at turning international TV scripts into something more appropriate for your region's culture and tastes—they'll get you through any content without losing what makes it great!

        We're experts in adapting your content to the streaming services and SDH accessibility requirements. We work with you every step of way so that there are no surprises when it comes time for release!

          If you are creating a voiceover for an international audience, it is important that the script be provided in bilingual format with clearly marked character names and pronunciation guidelines. You should also follow file naming conventions so listeners know what each line says without having to guess at unclear terms or phrases such as company jargon and acronyms which may exist within your industry's vocabulary.

            Andovar provides viewers with a high-quality audio experience that matches the video they are watching. The company’s sync function ensures seamless syncing of your device's speakers to those within any given program or movie, allowing you not only hear what is being said but feel it too!

              Need to render, edit, or reshoot a video to adapt it optimally for a different audience? We’ll cast actors, scout shooting locations, direct and film in any language or locale.


                Video translation solutions for companies of all industries, shapes & sizes

                Language is the heart and soul of video content, so we provide brands with video localization services that will help them deliver their message in all its glory.

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                      Broadcast Media (TV)

                            Industry Leading Technology

                            Andovar's expertise in localizing multimedia content ensures the best use of current technology.

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                            Adobe After Effects
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                            Subtitling Automation

                            Media Studio 2 - The Ultimate Subtitle Services Platform

                            Andovar’s intelligent automated subtitle solutions ensure that you can go to market quickly with accurate, culturally aligned translations to broadcast globally without sacrificing quality or 100% accuracy in language selection based on region-specific needs!

                            Case Studies

                            Success Stories


                            Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


                            Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


                            Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.


                            Frequently Asked Questions

                            If you are interested in our subtitling services, just fill in our request a quote form, upload your brief and provide a link to any proxy media. Or simply email us at for a free consultation.

                              All files are encrypted and kept on secure servers. Translators and staff are all bound by NDAs and confidentiality agreements.

                                Andovar provides subtitling services in over 200 language pairs. We have over 10,000 translators ready to make your content wow audiences around the world.

                                  We rarely encounter complaints with translation quality. However, in case the translation does not meet your expectations, we provide free revisions within 30 days of delivery. Simply explain what the issues are along with some examples and our team will update the content and redeliver.

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