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English to Romanian Translation Company

How do you decide on which dialect of Romanian to use when selling your product or service to the markets of Bucharest or Timisoara? Are there any political issues you need to avoid when localizing your marketing for Romania or Moldova? What accents should you be using for Romanian voiceovers of an animated film?

If you rely on Andovar as your English to Romanian translation company, we free you from having to worry about the answers to such questions. Because our professional translators are native speakers of Romanian and are passionate about English, they are part of the audience you want to reach. They instinctively know the approach to take during localization.

We support their efforts through such sophisticated advances as the latest Translation Management System, Terminology Translation Management, and Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Before the project is released to you, we verify its success through Quality Assurance testing.

Although the headquarters of Andovar is located in Singapore, we have offices in the USA, China, India, Colombia, Hungary, and Thailand. Our experience comes from over a billion words translated by 100 full-time and over 3,000 contract professionals. Receive a no-obligation quote today by calling us for our Romanian translation services. Our knowledgeable staff can also answer any of your questions and give you a time estimate of how long a localization project can take.


Romanian Translation Expertise

When you need the following localization for your project, come to Andovar.


Romanian Website Translation


Romanian Game Translation


Romanian App Translation


Romanian Document Translation


Romanian e-learning Translation


Romanian Subtitle Translation


Romanian Software Translation

Translation Tips

Romanian Translation Tips & Challenges

English and Romanian share many similarities, including the Subject-Verb-Object word order and the Latin alphabet and foundation. However, localizing from one to the other can pose the following challenges.

Beware of accents that can appear both above and below Romanian letters. These diacritical marks may run into each other when displayed on two or more lines. A paragraph that appears perfectly fine on an English website, may become a mess of crashing accents in Romanian.
As a general rule, when you translate from English to Romance languages such as Romanian, Spanish, and French, the text expands by 20 to 25 percent. You need to account for this increase in any display areas, such as buttons, menu options, magazine ads, or books. That increase not only affects appearance but also production costs, especially for printed materials.
Watch out for false friends or Romanian words that sound or look the same as in English but have different meanings. The examples below have Romanian on the left with the actual English meaning on the right. chef = mood or party cutie = box fizician = physicist horn = chimney jar = burning coal mizerabil = dirty prize = electrical outlets smoking = tuxedo

Romanian Varieties and Dialects

Romanian has four main dialects:

Dacoromanian is primarily spoken in Romania and Moldova and acts as the foundation for the standard language. This may have as many as 20 varieties that include:

Wallachian spoken in Southern Romania

Moldavian spoken in Moldavia. This dialect has some Russian influence, which is absent in standard Romanian, and is written in Cyrillic in Transnistra, a self-proclaimed republic.

Banat in a region of the same name and parts of Serbia, Crisana and Maramures in Transylvania.

These dialects are mutually intelligible. They may be more properly classified as accents because most of their differences exist in pronunciation, in the same way that Australians, Brits, and American have different accents. The differences between these varieties have decreased within the last century due to mass media and more mobility.

Aromanian, or Macedoromanian, is spoken in North Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Kosovo.

Meglenoromanian is nearly extinct and is spoken in North Macedonia and northern Greece.

Istroromanian is also nearly extinct and spoken in Istria, a peninsula located in three countries: Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.

These four main dialects are not mutually intelligible. Aromanian, Meglenoromanian, and Istroromanian are sometimes classified as languages distinct from Dacoromanian.


Professional Romanian Translators

Politics are a consideration when localizing for Romania and Moldova even though citizens of both countries speak the same language. Then a choice has to be made among the four main dialects of Romanian and, if Dacoromanian is picked, which of its 20 varieties to use.


Andovar’s professional Romanian translators make these decisions instinctively because they are native speakers of your target area. They’re culturally attuned to the audience you want to reach and, because they are adept with your industry, accurately localize your technical terms and processes.

We confirm that potential translators meet the needs of clients like you through rigorous testing that looks at their passion for Romanian and English, subject-matter expertise in their chosen industry, and ability to communicate effectively to a wide range of audiences. We then subject them to a thorough onboarding process that instills the high standards for customer service that is a hallmark of Andovar. Until they can meet our standards, we don’t trust them with your projects.

Businesses like Oracle, Spotify, Uber, Nestle, Chevron, Netsuite, and Symantec have come to us for internationalization time and again. We’ve worked with such varied tasks as websites, documents, turnkey multimedia, elearning, ecommerce, software, and apps.


Professional Romanian Voiceover

A sentence may take a longer time to say in Romanian than English. And while you can easily record the localized version on audio, you can’t really increase the time it takes for the lips to move in the video portion without expensive res-shooting. So one of the challenges in doing a professional Romanian voiceover is to ensure that the audio still matches the video whether your project involves dubbing (scene sync and lip sync), UN-style recording, or narration.

At Andovar, we ensure high-quality Romanian voicovers by working only with professional translators who are native speakers, so they can accurately localize the technical terms, slang, idioms, and humor of your media. They are also highly talented actors who can capture the emotional content of the original source and express your message to your target audience.

Assisting with their efforts are professional directors who manage the translation of individual scenes and the full media, and pronunciation guides to make each syllable consistent. Before you receive the final project, it undergoes language quality assurance to verify that it meets all your goals and will be comprehensible to the target audience.

We’ve satisfied the requirements of clients like Ciena, Netflix, Hilton, and Hyatt. They come to us when they need internationalized voiceovers for documentaries, TV dubbing, training and e-learning, and corporate narration.


Romanian Website Translation Services


Two of the many issues when localizing websites for Romania are first, text can expand by up to 25 percent from the English version. Second, because Romanian has accent marks both above and below the letters, these symbols can run into each other unless enough space is allowed between lines.

Our professional translators are aware of these and many other issues because they’re native Romanian speakers. They skillfully transform your Internet presence to make it culturally relevant to your audience in Romania, Moldova, and other Eastern European countries where Romanian is spoken. In addition, our professionals are also Internet veterans, so they know how to incorporate Application Program Interfaces (APIs), TMS connectors, and Content Management Services (CMS) plugins.

As part of our Romanian website translation services, we support their work with such CMS tools as WordPress, Shopify, and Magneto. We even take care of translating relevant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, so your target audience can find your web pages.

Our processes have gained a client list that includes such well-known companies as Amway, Agoda, Spotify, Qnet, and Hatch. They come to us for localizing knowledge bases, landing pages, websites, conten repositories, UIs, and ecommerce platforms.


Romanian Software Translation Services


Localizing your software demands more than translating English text into Romanian. It requires handling UI, resource, and help files. The Romanian software translation services of Andovar enhance your project by supplying translation professionals who are native speakers and also software experts.

This combination enables us to make translation more efficient on your side as well as ours. For example, if you bring us into your planning process early, we can recommend how you can make your software easier to localize. One effective suggestion: put the text used for error messages, dialog boxes, menu options, and any other parts of the UI into their own resource files.

By isolating the text from the code, translation can happen at the same time as coding. One process does not depend on the other, saving you plenty of time. You don’t have to merge code and text until you’re ready to test or release the final product.

We can take care of server-based, cloud-based, and mobile applications. However, we don’t just focus on the program. We can also handle related components, such as packaging, online help, and user instructions. Our thoroughness has made customers of such industry giants as Netsuite, Symantec, and Microsoft.


Romanian Game Translation Services

Andovar’s Romanian Game Translation Services can localize your effort for the Romanian and Molodovan markets, whether it’s for a PC, console, or mobile device, or is a sandbox simulation, , first-person shooter, virtual reality (VR) experience, or Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG).

Our native Romanian translators efficiently and accurately handle the following gaming components.



We take into account slang and dialect differences to make the dialog culturally relevant to your target audience.


User Interfaces

Buttons, menu options, help text, popup descriptions, and everything else that the player sees can be localized at the source or text level.


Mobile app descriptions

To increase downloads, the primary goal of our descriptions is to maximize traffic to your download.


Marketing and advertising

Because our professional translators are also avid gamers, they know how to make your marketing appeal to your player audience.


User reviews

Gamers see reviews by those like them as more authentic than the reviews written by critics. We internationalize these candid opinions into language that excites Romanian players.

Into English

Romanian to English Translation Services

It seems like a sensible thing to do to cater to your Romanian-speaking audience. Deliver all your materials to them in Romanian, preferably translated by Andovar. The only possible issue is that they’re going to think you’re fluent in the language. They’ll then submit invoices, contracts, documents, software, and other materials to you in Romanian.

You could run them through an online translator but that only works for gisting or getting a general idea of the foreign item. And you can’t send those materials back to them and ask for an English version. That would take more time and be embarrassing. A more sensible solution would be to take advantage of Andovar’s Romanian to English translation services.

Our professional translators are native English speakers who are passionate about Romanian. They are also knowledgeable about your particular business category, whether it’s legal, litigation, medical, scientific, financial, or some. other industry. We can even back-translate your corporate communications, so you can verify that the original message has been accurately localized.

We handle websites, media, e-learning, Over-the-Top (OTT) content, and other digital files. But we can also work with printed hardcopy as well. We simply run them through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology so your projects is rendered into a format, such as PDF, that is more convenient for processing. Document re-creation then restores the submission into the original format.


Romanian Subtitle Translation Services

Netflix, iflix, Disney, and Netease are just some of the companies that depend on Andovar for their subtitling needs. They realize how this localization method offers the following advantages:

It gives the viewers the ability to understand a foreign language while experiencing the voices and emotions of the original actors. If the subtitles use formats like SCC, SRT, VTT, TTML, among others, translation can be more cost-effective because only the subtitle file is affected. The original media remains untouched, which avoids expensive re-shoots.

To enhance Andovar’s Romanian subtitle translation services, we rely on native speakers who are also fluent in English. They are also specialists in your industry, so they know how to preserve the original message and emotional content of the original while localizing it until it is culturally meaningful and technically accurate for the target audience.

We support many types of subtitling platforms for creating our captions, templates, and SDHs (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing). Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your Romanian-speaking viewers enjoy the corporate media, YouTube videos, OTT content, and streaming services in the same way as English speakers do.


Romanian Document Translation Services

If you’re like most businesses around the world, you produce a mountain of documents to explain or market your product or service. You communicate your brand to customers, vendors, employees, and other interested parties through instructions, operator guides, standard operating procedures, and advertising brochures. Approach Andovar for our Romanian document translation services when you need to localize these online or printed texts.

Our professional translators are native Romanian speakers who are passionately devoted to English. This expertise produces translations that are culturally meaningful, cost-effective, and technically accurate. We prefer digital formats for their convenience but if your material is only available in hand-written or printed form, we can use OCR to transform them.

Among the products we support for your projects are the Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Powerpoint and Word, and Adobe, which has InDesign and Illustrator. We not only take care of text but also graphics and layout. We can provide the total document translation package.

Our client list includes Chevron, Minor Group, Transocean, and Siemens. They trust us to deliver results that are true to your company’s goals because we only assign translators who are specialists in the client’s specific industry.


Romanian elearning Translation Services

A live instructor can interact with learners in ways that machine instruction cannot approach. However, such a luxury is expensive to hire, requires a location and transportation to it, and a scheduled time that is convenient to all your students. Elearning avoids these issues and encourages trainees to learn at their own pace, convenience, and location.

At Andovar, we support Romanian e-learning translation services with professional translators. They are native Romanian speakers who are fluent in English. They can instinctively internationalize a learning module so that it remains instructive about your brand, culturally meaningful, and technically correct.

Our professionals are also specialists in learning and education. They are comfortable working with the technology and content of software, mobile apps, voiceovers, video content, digital publications, games, tests, and other courseware. Their quizzes and presentations are compliant with SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model).

Among our platforms are Learning Management Systems (LMSs) like Captivate, Lectora, Articulate, and Articulate 360. We depend on integration testing to verify that the results you receive for Romanian-speaking learners are the same as those for English speakers.


Romanian Language Facts

Like Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, Romanian is a Romance language that is descended from Latin. Knowing any of the Romance languages makes it easier to speak and understand Romanian.

Because the language is surrounded by Slavic speakers, Romanian does have Slavic influences. It’s estimated that about 10 percent of the vocabulary is Slavic.
Romanian is the official language of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It is spoken primarily in Eastern Europe by 24 to 26 million as a first language and by about 4 million as a second language.
The US Foreign Service Institute considers Romanian a Category I (out of V) language, making it one of the easiest languages to learn for native English speakers. It uses the Latin alphabet like English, and words are spelled as they are pronounced.
As of 2021, Internet penetration in Romania has reached 80.7 percent with about 15.5 million Internet users out of its population of 19.2 million. In Moldova, Internet penetration was at 76 percent with 3.1 million Internet users out of a population of 4 million. About 12 million Romanian are social media users compared with 1.7 million in Moldova.
Mobile connections in Romania are at 136 percent of the population (26 million) and at 101 percent (4.1 million) in Moldova. Many people in both countries have more than one mobile connection.
How we work

Go Global in 3 Easy steps

Consult & Prepare

At the beginning of every project, we carry out an in-depth consultation to ensure we fully understand the requirements and to determine the technology we will deploy.

Connect & Localize

Using content connectors, API, translation memories and termbase, as well as style guides and other reference materials, the translation and localization process begins.

Test & launch

All projects undergo MQM quality assurance prior to delivery, including human and automated QA checks, as well as linguistic and functional testing.


Frequently asked Questions

The turnaround time is typically estimated based on the volume of work and content complexity.
Our non-rush turnarounds for Romanian languages are approximately as follows:
-up to 500 words - under 24 hours
-1,000 to 2,000 words - under 36 hours
-over 2,000 words - at least 1,500 words per day
If you are in a rush and in urgent need of translation & localization services, just contact us, and our Account Manager will find the right solution for you.

    Yes. We work exclusively with over 500 native highly-qualified Romanian translators, editors and terminologists to ensure professional, content-suited results. Moreover, we provide a free comprehensive revision if you happen to be unsatisfied.

      For your ultimate comfort and convenience, an assigned project manager will be there to assist you with your project.
      He/she prepares, supervises, and manages all the processes related to your project including communication with the involved linguists.

        Yes, you have the full say in which talent(s) will partake in your Romanian language request. For every language we have a selection of voice talents to choose from. We make sure your vision comes to life!

          Case Studies

          Success Stories


          Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


          Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


          Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.