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Brazilian Portuguese/European Translation

Connect with customers in their native Portuguese language. Andovar Portuguese localization services address all major content types, enabling brands to resonate across all channels.

Using the native Portuguese language of your audience is a way to demonstrate cultural and regional respect. Using professional Portuguese translation services is a way to connect and resonate with your intended audience at all times, regardless of your preferred media format(s).
Businesses and large corporations alike turn to our Portuguese translation services to help maximize their reach and ability for growth. The following services we provide also help clients to significantly increase their overall customer base. Our Portuguese translation services include, but are not limited to:
Multimedia formats include news programs, audiobooks, movies, television, radio programs, and even streaming videos.
Printed materials including marketing materials, travel brochures, official business documentation, technical manuals, studies, reports, journals, annual summaries, and more.
Software and application interfaces, instructions, technical manuals, guides, documentation, and guidance text.
Online communications include social media, blogs, and official websites or internet communities.
Learning materials such as eLearning guides, textbooks, slides, and digital presentations.

Just some of the Portuguese translation services we offer include voice-overs, subtitles, printed reports, text translations, website optimization, and even localization for highly targeted campaigns. At Andovar, we only work with qualified Portuguese translators who are familiar with the native dialects you intend to reach and those who specialize in your market and industry. Whether you are in need of a simple document translation or if you want to create a website that uses the proper Portuguese dialect, our translators can help you to get your project done on time and within your budget.

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English to Portuguese Translation Company

Andovar currently has six offices throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia, employing more than 5,000 qualified and highly trained translators from around the globe.

Andovar has translated more than 1 billion words in total and looks forward to becoming your English to Portuguese translation company. We not only provide standard turnkey Portuguese translation services, but services ranging from podcast voice-overs to in-depth technical manuals.

We only work with the best Portuguese translators who are familiar not only with traditional Portuguese, but also European Portuguese dialects and translations.

Our translation specialists work with CATs, or computer-assisted translation tools in conjunction with a translation management system, or TMS, to ensure all translations we complete are up to today's standards and meet any Portuguese language rules. Our translators not only use state-of-the-art technologies and software to help guide the process, but they are also well-versed in the Portuguese language and European Portuguese dialects.

We also deploy the use of QA testing, or Quality Assurance testing with each project we take on to ensure quality and accuracy every time.

At Andovar, we guarantee high-quality, accurate translations that are not only useful to your target audience, but also relevant and culturally sensitive. We know how important it is to resonate with an audience on a more personal and intimate level, which is why we only work with the best translators worldwide.

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Portuguese Translation Expertise

Andovar's Portuguese translation expertise extends far beyond print and text translations. At Andovar, we also provide the following Portuguese translation services:


Portuguese Website Translation


Portuguese Game Translation


Portuguese App Translation


Portuguese Document Translation


Portuguese eLearning Translation


Portuguese Subtitle Translation

Translation Tips

Portuguese Translation Tips & Challenges

Both English and Portuguese are rooted in Latin, making them easier to translate into one another. However, while there are many grammatical similarities to translating Portuguese to English or vice versa, there are still significant differences, both grammatically and culturally that should be accounted for with any Portuguese translation services you require.

In total, Portuguese is the official language in countries that are home to more than 190 million residents worldwide.
Similar to the US, Canada, and other European countries, Portuguese also varies throughout Portugal, Brazil, and other South American countries. Working together with native Portuguese speakers in the area you intend to target is highly advisable with any Portuguese translating services you request.
Many of the words in Portuguese are derived from Arabic, French, and Greek origins, in addition to Latin.
There are three descriptors for words in Portuguese: muted, open, and closed. 
Individuals who are from Brazil and speak Portuguese are more likely to use the ""S"" sound at the end of words with ""CH"" or ""chs"". Those who speak European Portuguese are more likely to silence the ""S"" sound, or pounce words in a more muted manner.
The letter ""C"" also has different rules in Portuguese than it does in English. When the letter ""C"" is followed by a vowel such as A, U, or O, it is typically read with a hard ""C"", including words such as ""cranberry"" or ""culture"". However, if ""C"" is followed by an I or an E, it is pronounced similar to the letter ""S"", including words such as central and center. In Portuguese, the cedilla symbol is utilized to showcase that the letter ""C"" is in between two vowels. The cedilla symbol appears as Ç. 

Portuguese Varieties and Dialects

As with most languages, Portuguese is no stranger to different varieties and dialects.  Portuguese is typically divided into both Northern and Southern dialects. There is Brazilian Portuguese as well as European Portuguese based on the origin of the speaker as well as their own dialect. The two different varieties of Portuguese come from Lisbon and Coimbra.

Northern Portuguese typically includes fewer differentiations with the letters ""B"" and ""V"" than southern Portuguese speakers.

In European Portuguese, there are differences in how vowels are stressed, including before palatal consonants, before palatal front glides, and before nasal consonants. These differences are not always apparent in those who are familiar with Brazilian Portuguese, which is why it is so important to work together with native speakers whenever you require Portuguese translation services.

Those who are from Brazil and speak Brazilian Portuguese are more likely to do so by enunciating words more prominently and speaking with their mouths open and much wider. Those whose native tongue is European Portuguese are more likely to be familiar with English translation rules and are more likely to speak with their mouths more closed and not as open.

Additionally, Galician is another language that is considered extremely close and similar to all dialects of Portuguese. Galician is spoken among a shrinking population in Spain.


Professional Portuguese Translators

Using a free translation service such as Google Translate or even a popular piece of translation software is tempting when you require Portuguese translation services. However, these solutions do not typically provide the accuracy necessary for official documents and in a business context.


If you require accuracy and authenticity, turn to Andovar for the professional Portuguese translation services you need, no matter how big or small your project. At Andovar, we work only with certified professional Portuguese translators who are not only well-versed and trained in traditional grammatical structures and cultural details, but who are also familiar with the differences between both Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese.

Our translators undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are qualified and ready to accurately deliver the results we need for each of our individual clients. In addition to extensive training and qualifications, our translators are also well-adapted to using CAT, or computer-assisted translation tools and technologies to monitor their own work throughout the process. We use CAT solutions in conjunction with built-in word processors and electronic glossaries to ensure top-notch quality with each and every translation we complete.

Just a few of the companies our translators have assisted with their Portuguese translation services include Nestle, Chevron, Spotify, Symantec, Uber, Netsuite, and even Oracle. Our translators are well-versed in traditional print translations, multimedia translations, eCommerce, and even turnkey solutions for those interested in larger translation packages. 


Professional Portuguese Voiceover

Voiceover services are becoming more popular and prevalent than ever, with both large and small businesses alike. When you require a professional Portuguese voiceover, turn to Andovar. At Andovar, our professionally trained and certified translators specialize in providing Portuguese translation services that include voiceover services eBooks, advertisements, podcasts, and even full-length radio or television ads.

Andovar offers professional Portuguese translation services for voiceover content, whether you are building a brand new piece of software, editing a documentary, or creating training manuals and videos for your own staff and team of employees.

Our certified translators undergo training so they are well-versed in formatting, tone, voice projection, sight-reading, and even script comprehension for the most robust projects and clients we take on. We utilize our QA, or Quality Assurance testing to ensure that each of our voiceover translations is accurate and exact. We strive to protect and preserve artistic quality with each translation.

Andovar has had the pleasure of representing companies such as Hyatt, Netflix, Hilton, and even Ciena with voiceover translation services.


Portuguese Website Translation Services


Today, creating an online presence is essential for just about any business, regardless of its size and current industry. Without a website or an online presence, you miss many opportunities to expand your reach and solidify your company's reputation and brand. At Andovar, our Portuguese website translation services can provide you with the online presence you need to truly achieve success.

Andovar supports a wide range of CMS solutions, or Content Management Systems. Some of the CMS solutions we support include Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. If you have additional plugins or if you are interested in implementing API solutions, we can help. Our professional translators are not only well-versed in the varieties and dialects of Portuguese, but they are also ready to tackle any website translation service you need.

Some of our clients who expressed interest in reaching additional foreign markets with our Portuguese website translation services include Amway, Agoda, Hatch, Qnet, and Spotify. With professional Portuguese translation services, maximize your appeal and abilities in any foreign market you intend to reach.

In addition to our traditional website translation services, our professional Portuguese translators at Andovar are also familiar with our rigorous Quality Assurance testing measures and work diligently with each translation project we accept.


Portuguese Software Translation Services


Creating software or applications for your business can be beneficial for your employees or it can provide an opportunity to expand your reach with your prospective customers or clients. Software, application, and game development companies that skip out on professional Portuguese software translation services are much more likely to miss out on opportunities to appeal to a much wider audience.

Corporations such as Oracle, Spotify, and even Microsoft understand the benefits of delivering top-notch translations. When you want your company's brand and messaging to truly resonate with a target audience, especially when the audience speaks a foreign language, accuracy, and cultural sensitivity matter.

Whether you are looking to launch a cloud-based application, traditional software, or even server-based solutions for employees and/or customers, our translators will work with specific grammatical rules, dialects, and Portuguese language varieties to reach the audience you intend to target.

If you are interested in building free software, paid software, or cloud-based programs that are accessible to users on a global scale, the right Portuguese translation services can make all of the difference. From translating the basics of your software, the navigation, and even the entire layout of your application, Andovar's translators are here and ready to help. Our translators can also help you with the localization of any software or application you create, making it easier than ever to adapt to the native dialect of the Portuguese speakers you want to reach.


Portuguese Game Translation Services

The global gaming market is growing at an exponential rate and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In 2019, Portugal alone saw an increase in online gaming by 52%. It is no surprise that so many businesses and organizations are turning to the gaming and virtual reality realms today.

If you are creating a game and want to ensure quality translations, turn to Andovar. Andovar's professional translators are not only well-versed in understanding traditional Portuguese grammatical requirements and rules, but they are also native speakers, providing them with a cultural advantage when it comes to translating the language. If you are creating a game and wish to translate it into Portuguese or you would like to translate your game from Portuguese, we are here to help get you started. Some of the Portuguese game translation services we offer at Andovar include:



Dialog is one of the most important elements of any game that is story-based. When you require Portuguese translation services, do not leave it up to free translating solutions. If artistic vision, style, tone, and integrity are important to you and your company, turn to Andovar for the gaming translation services you need.


Interfaces and UI

Our professional Portuguese translators help to translate game user interfaces, navigation areas, menus, popups, and more. From translating buttons to cheat code areas, our translators can help with your game translation every step of the way.



Let us help you with the translation of descriptions of your game worldwide.



Marketing and advertising a game or piece of software is half of the job when it comes to releasing any type of application or any program, server, or cloud-based. Our translators will work with you to ensure all marketing materials are translated to the dialect and tone you envision.



Let our translators help you with translating reviews and testimonials your game receives. Reviews and testimonials go a long way with building a brand's reputation and spreading the word about a business, especially if the reviews are available in multiple languages.

Into English

Portuguese to English Translation Services

Translating Portuguese to English is a way for you to create an image for your company that helps natives of Portugal believe your company truly understands their needs and culture. Using professional Portuguese translation services is a way to connect with prospective customers and clients from anywhere in the world, including Portugal itself.

All of our translators are well-versed in traditional Portuguese and understand the significance of the cultural differences in both Brazilian as well as European Portuguese. Whether you are interested in translating a traditional white paper for your staff or if you want to translate your YouTube channel to better target those who are living in Portugal, Andovar's professional translators are here to help. From entire websites to subtitles in movies and entire software programs, our Portuguese to English translation services are top-tier.

Not only do our translators utilize QA solutions to check the quality of their work, but we also use OCR, or Optical Character Recognition software to scan and translate printed materials as needed for our clients. Additionally, we also offer over-the-top, or OTT content for those who are seeking Portuguese translation services on the fly. From automated quality assurance tools to state-of-the-art translators and scanners, Andovar is fully equipped to help you with any Portuguese to English translation service you need.


Portuguese Subtitle Translation Services

Subtitle translation services are no longer limited to traditional forms of media, such as recorded media or standard television media. Today, subtitles are available with online streaming content on platforms such as YouTube and even for top-tier games on PC and console. If you are looking for Portuguese translation services for your subtitles, skip the free services and software solutions.

While there are free translators available online and with boxed software, there is no guarantee that your translations will be accurate or that they will be culturally sensitive.

Our professional Portuguese translators understand the importance of preserving the tone, style, and accuracy of a show, piece of media, or even a training video. We understand how important proper colloquialisms are, as well as the importance of cultural relevance to any community of native Portuguese speakers.

At Andovar, we not only help to translate traditional media formats, but we also support the following subtitle formats: VTT, SCC, STRT, and TTML. If you do not see the subtitle format you are working with in the list above, simply reach out to us. We will work with you to find a translation solution that is just right for your subtitle project, regardless of format.


Portuguese Document Translation Services

Maximizing your reach and adapting to foreign markets is not always easy if you are unable to translate important business documentation and information. Using Andovar's Portuguese translation services is a great way to ensure your business documents are always properly and accurately translated for the audience you intend to reach.

Andovar's Portuguese document translation services include preserving original content, style, and tone, whether you are interested in appealing to European Portuguese speakers or Brazilian Portuguese natives.

Corporations and entities such as Qnet, Spotify, Amway, Hatch, and Agoda have all turned to using professional translation services for important documents in order to expand their audience and reach. 

In addition to working with native Portuguese translators, Andovar's translators also utilize top-notch QA, or Quality Assurance measures to ensure the quality of their work.

Our translators understand the significance of SEO and will also work to ensure all translations are held to today's SEO standards. If you are searching for Portuguese translation services that are compatible with CMS, or Content Management Systems, look no further than Andovar. We support a variety of CMS solutions such as Shopify, WordPress, and Magento for all of your translation needs. 


Portuguese elearning Translation Services

More companies than ever now recognize the benefits of providing eLearning materials to their users, customers, and in some cases, even to their own employees. Companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, and Netsuite have all turned to Andovar for their eLearning translation services and to help them maximize their reach online and with their brands altogether.

Our professionally trained Portuguese translators are highly specialized in niche markets and industries and have an expansive knowledge of various software formats.

Our translators can help with providing cloud-based, mobile-based, or even server-based translations whether you are creating software, documentation, training manuals, or even recorded video media for your audience. At Andovar, we also specialize in providing localization services if you are interested in targeting a highly specific group of prospective users or customers.

From creating libraries of resources to technical manuals and guided videos, Andovar's translators will help you with your Portuguese translation services from start to finish.


Portuguese Language Facts

Portuguese is an extremely common language, with more than 10 million residents in Portugal, as well as 190 million native speakers worldwide. Native Portuguese speakers typically reside in Portugal, Brazil, and even in Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

In Portugal, language varieties are often separated into two categories: Northern Portuguese and Southern Portuguese.
It is extremely important to understand the cultural and grammatical differences that are involved with both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
Portuguese belongs to the Indo-European family of languages.
Portuguese is derived from Latin. Additionally, it is said that Portuguese is also derived from ""Galego"", or a language spoken in Galicia to this day.
Portuguese currently ranks 8th in popularity among the most spoken and understood languages in the world.
How we work

Go Global in 3 Easy steps

Consult & Prepare

At the beginning of every project, we carry out an in-depth consultation to ensure we fully understand the requirements and to determine the technology we will deploy.

Connect & Localize

Using content connectors, API, translation memories and termbase, as well as style guides and other reference materials, the translation and localization process begins.

Test & Launch

All projects undergo MQM quality assurance prior to delivery, including human and automated QA checks, as well as linguistic and functional testing.


Frequently asked Questions

The turnaround time is typically estimated based on the volume of work and content complexity.
Our non-rush turnarounds for Portugese/European languages are approximately as follows:
-up to 500 words - under 24 hours
-1,000 to 2,000 words - under 36 hours
-over 2,000 words - at least 1,500 words per day
If you are in a rush and in urgent need of translation & localization services, just contact us, and our Account Manager will find the right solution for you.

    Yes. We work exclusively with over 500 native highly-qualified Portugese/European translators, editors and terminologists to ensure professional, content-suited results. Moreover, we provide a free comprehensive revision if you happen to be unsatisfied.

      For your ultimate comfort and convenience, an assigned project manager will be there to assist you with your project.
      He/she prepares, supervises, and manages all the processes related to your project including communication with the involved linguists.

        Yes, you have the full say in which talent(s) will partake in your Portugese/European language request. For every language we have a selection of voice talents to choose from. We make sure your vision comes to life!

          Case Studies

          Success Stories


          Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


          Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


          Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.