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Connect with customers in their native French language. Andovar French localization services address all major content types, enabling brands to resonate across all channels.

Multiple companies, both large and small, turn to our French translation services to increase their customer base and ignite their growth. Among our services:
Printed documents such as annual reports, technical manuals, journals, reports, contracts, marketing materials, travel brochures, and business documents.
Multimedia, such as movies, TV programs, news, games, audiobooks, radio programs, and online videos.
Digital communications for websites, social media, and blogs.
Apps and software and their user interfaces, help text, instructions, and documentation.
All types of learning materials, such as textbooks, slides, and eLearning.Among the services we offer are text translation, voice-overs, subtitles, and localization. We guarantee high quality by relying only on qualified native French speakers who are also specialists in your industry. Whether you want to translate a short note or a major software project, we will get the job done on time and within budget.
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English to French Translation Company

With six offices in Europe, Asia, and the USA, 5,000 translators around the world, and over 1 billion words translated, Andovar wants to become your English to French translation company. We customize turnkey translation services of text and audio content to deliver brand awareness that is locally relevant and drives your growth in French-speaking areas.

We hire only certified French translators who are native to the areas you want to target, such as France, Quebec, or Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They must also be fluent in English. They go through rigorous testing and training to meet our translation standards for French. Only industry specialists are assigned to your project to ensure the accuracy and relevance of technical translations.

To make our processes cost-effective, we rely on premium Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CATs) and a state-of-the-art Translation Management System. In part, we determine what French terms to use for specific contexts through Terminology Translation Management processes. Our results are then verified by Quality Assurance (QA) testing.

We guarantee high-quality translations that are sensitive to the cultural needs of your French-speaking audience while maintaining technical accuracy and the message of your brand. Discover the advantages of relying on Andovar as your English to French Translation Agency. Contact us today and get a quote for our French translation services.


French Translation Expertise

You can count on Andovar's expertise in the following areas and more.


French Website Translation


French Game Translation


French App Translation


French Document Translation


French eLearning Translation


French Subtitle Translation

Translation Tips

French Translation Tips & Challenges

Because their foundations rest on Latin, both French and English seem to have some similarities in grammar and vocabulary. But their profound differences and cultural influences offer many translation challenges.

Just like English differs in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, French also varies in France, Canada, and the Middle East. The secret to successful translation lies in using a speaker who is native to the target area.
Among the differences in French grammar are the two genders for nouns, changes in adjectives due to gender and number, and tenses such as the subjunctive, which are more often used in French rather than English. Translators need to be experts in both English and French to take these differences into account.
Not only do the terminologies and word choices differ in both English and French, “false friends” produce problems. Examples of these words that look and sound the same but are completely different include blessez, which means “to injure” and chair means “flesh.” Again, the solution is translation skill in both languages.
Translations into French demand at least 15 to 20 percent more space because the language is longer. You must account for this increase in your print or display areas and your budgets for cost and time.

French Varieties and Dialects

French is spoken in different countries and by different populations within a country. Some of the linguistic differences are trivial, such as the use of “$” in North America and € in Europe. But others are more profound, such as the use of different vocabulary. Our translations must take these French varieties and dialects into account to be successful. Between Quebec and European French, pronunciation stands out as dissimilar, especially in vowels, which emphasizes a more nasal intonation in Quebec.

Quebec French has strong influences from English, particularly when speaking, as well as the First Nations. Yet, growing national pride compels French Canadians to limit the use of Anglicisms. French speakers in Europe, on the other hand, are more comfortable with using English loan words, especially in speech.

French speakers in Quebec are more likely to use the pronoun on rather than nous in European French and rely more on contractions such as s’a and dins instead of sur la or dans les.

As for African French, there is no such thing, since the French spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo differs from that spoken in Algiers. Translations into French for the continent must take into account the varieties in each country.


Professional French Translators

When you need the gist of what a piece of French language text is saying, Google and other machine translations can work to decipher the main ideas. But if you demand accuracy for business and industry, you turn to the human translators at Andovar. Only people can choose the correct words with meanings that change depending on context.


We rely on certified professional French translators to deliver expert solutions for all your language needs. Stringent testing uncovers top talent with a passion for French and English, excellent communication skills, accurate grammar and vocabulary skills, and subject-matter experience.

These translators must then undergo our rigorous onboarding processes that emphasize accuracy, timeliness, and quality. We hone their abilities until they meet Andovar's high standards of customer service. We provide them with the latest technologies to support their efforts, such as Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CAT), electronic glossaries, and word processors with built-in CAT.

Many companies that were satisfied with our original projects consistently constantly turn to us for their French translation needs. They include Chevron, Nestle, Netsuite, Oracle, Spotify, Symantec, and Uber. Our professionals take charge of language projects as varied as websites, ecommerce, eLearning, turnkey multimedia, documents, and software and apps.


Professional French Voiceover

With the rise of personal devices, fast cloud communications, and Internet services, multimedia has grown as an effective tool for engaging your audience through corporate narration, marketing, training and eLearning, games, podcasts, documentaries, and TV and radio dubbing. Andovar has the professional French voiceover expertise to give you an advantage with this technology.

As with all our certified translators, our French-speaking voice actors undergo rigorous testing that covers script comprehension, sight-reading, voice projection, articulation, and acting prowess. Our process zeroes in on talent that knows how to engage audiences for corporate communications, online primary education, advertising, and movies and series for TV and streaming services.

We know how to make content emotionally compelling and easier to understand through the use of French scene-sync and lip-sync dubbing, narration, or UN-style recording, which lets you hear the original speaker with a translated voiceover on top. Our French translations preserve the meaning and intent of the original speech, especially when slang and colloquialisms are involved.

We use professional directors to maintain the artistic impact, cultural relevance, and technical accuracy of the original as they direct the talent. Pronunciation guides specific to the target area are available to ensure consistency. The final product then undergoes QA checks before it is released. Our exacting standards encourage companies like Ciena, Netflix, Hyatt, Hilton, and Wargaming to return to us for their French voiceover needs.


French Website Translation Services


To adapt their corporate websites to reach foreign markets, companies like Agoda, Amway, Hatch, Spotify, and Qnet turn to Andovar. Our French website translation services take technical, cultural, and linguistic nuances into account. Through our process of transcreation, your website feels like it was created in the target language. But it still preserves your original business intent.

Among the Content Management Services (CMS) we use are Magento, Shopify, and WordPress. They can incorporate CMS plug-ins, TMS connectors, and APIs to improve content and save time. We do not simply translate the text. The user interface, knowledge bases, ecommerce platforms, content repositories, and landing pages are localized. We also index French SEO terms so the users can locate them easily during their searches.

To ensure that the website translation meets your goals for the target audience, our efforts undergo QA checks for functionality and language accuracy. We also validate the source to ensure that the website is usually appealing and works correctly under different browsers in different devices. Not only do we rely on certified translators who are familiar with the details of website creation, we also have experts in the niche that your online presence addresses.


French Software Translation Services


What do companies like Netsuite, Microsoft, and Symantec have in common when it comes to foreign languages? They’ve all turned to Andovar for French software translation services. When it comes to cloud-based, server-based, and mobile applications, these companies trust us because we have the linguistic sensitivity and technical expertise to advance their products into the French-speaking world.

Our certified professional French translators also have the industry-specific skill to work with all software formats, such as user interface, help, and resource files. We depend on cutting-edge software localization technology and processes while maintaining technical accuracy through Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM) and QA testing. We can take charge of the entire French translation effort. But we can also meet with your technical team to educate them on the software issues involved with translation, which simply converts documents and components visible to your users, as well as localization, which adapts the software for use in French and other languages.

The issues we cover can be as simple as how the meanings of color schemes and icons differ across different French-speaking cultures. They can also be as complex as how to create resources from executable libraries so that they are more easily translated. We can help you plan and budget your localization efforts, design QA tests for localization, and develop an internationalization process from the ground up.


French Game Translation Services

In Europe, France ranks third in video game sales for Western Europe with 44 million gamers and nearly $4 billion in revenue. This electronic pastime forms part of a global market that only continues to grow, expanding into technologies like PCs, consoles, mobile and handheld devices, MMOGs, and Virtual Reality.

Andovar’s French Game Translation Services relies on gamers who can adapt your product to the cultural and linguistic traits of your market while preserving its original context and message. Our customers include Netease, PUBG, EA, Square Enix, Gameloft, and Line.

We handle the following translations for this challenging niche:



Our translations capture the literary prose, technical meaning, and emotional attitude of what your video game characters say. We take charge of subtitling, dubbing, and recording.


User interfaces

To deliver the best experience for your customers, buttons, menus, popups, windows, tutorials, and other elements can be localized at either the text or source level.


Mobile app descriptions

We optimize your product definitions to increase organic traffic and downloads.


Marketing and advertising

If you want your game to capture the attention of its intended audience, its marketing efforts must consider appropriate cultural details while avoiding offensive and embarrassing translation mistakes.


User reviews

Many gamers buy products because of the reviews made by fellow players rather than by professional critics. Translated reviews are viewed as more trustworthy and authentic.

Into English

French to English Translation Services

The English to French translations of your website, marketing efforts, and product brochures are so accurate and culturally appropriate that your French-language suppliers and customers think that you’re a French company. Consequently, the emails, contracts, documents, and other communications that are transmitted to your English-speaking staff are also in French.

Andover provides the French to English translation services that make all these French-language contributions comprehensible. We rely on professional translators and editors who are certified native English speakers and fluent in French. They are also experts in your field, so they can capture the meaning, content, and technical accuracy of the original.

While digital files are preferred to ease translation, printed materials can easily be converted through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology. We can also manage subtitles in Over-The-Top (OTT) content that must be converted from French to English.

Another use for our French to English translation services is to back-translate medical, legal/litigation, or other corporate communications to ensure linguistic accuracy. Gisting may be adequate for a general understanding, but only human translators can capture the nuance and cultural subtleties of literary prose or technical descriptions. Document re-creation and PDF translation ensure that the translated versions come as close to the original as possible.


French Subtitle Translation Services

Online translators do a fair job of translating English subtitles to French on YouTube videos. But they can fail at subtleties, such as when “his and her towels” becomes “ses serviettes et ses serviettes.” Only a human being has the knowledge and experience to determine the more correct translation of “ses serviettes à elle et ses serviettes à lui. ”To preserve the original intent, artistic tone, and linguistic accuracy of the original subtitles, Andovar depends on certified professionals to deliver French subtitle translation services. This is why Netflix, Disney+, iflix, and Netease tap us to translate their streaming services, corporate communications, YouTube videos, and OTT content.

Just like the original subtitles, our translated versions move at a pace that keeps up with the speaker. They are concise enough to take up a minimal amount of the screen image, which can be a challenge with French translations that are normally up to 20 percent longer than English.

We support all subtitle file formats, such as SRT, TTML, SCC, VTT, and more. Our certified professional French translators handle captions, SDH subtitles, and template creation, through various platforms and tools. We even translate slang and colloquial speech so that they are culturally meaningful and can be understood in specific French-speaking areas.


French Document Translation Services

Although online distribution of information has become more and more popular, business and industry still thrive on paper documents. When you want your printed materials to reach a French-speaking audience, Andovar’s French document translation services deliver a solution.Our certified professional translators ensure your brand’s consistency whether you need our expertise for a one-time announcement or multiple government-mandated reports that must be submitted every year. Your message preserves its original tone, context, and intent as it penetrates the French-speaking market.

We can take care of every step of the publishing process, such as digitizing printed or hand-written sources through OCR technology, translating and editing the source files, designing the layout, and digitally publishing the results in multiple applications, such as Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, InDesign, and Illustrator. We adapt your graphics so that they impact your target niche while being culturally sensitive.

Companies like Chevron, Minor Group, Siemens, and Transocean turn to us for their document needs, which include operator and service manuals, technical instructions, Standard Operating Procedures, and marketing materials. We translate all documents quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.


French elearning Translation Services

Businesses with a global reach have to ensure that a consistent message about their products and services reaches their team members and customers around the world. To make that happen in French-speaking locations, companies as diverse as Cegos, Docebo, Hilton, Hyatt, Cegos,, and Learnship turned to Andover for French eLearning translation services.

We ensure that employees, clients, and students learn your content at their own pace. This avoids the time and effort that are required for either an in-person instructor or a live translator who simultaneously interprets the words of an English-speaking teacher. Our localization of your e-learning content includes culturally appropriate references to ensure that your learners are neither confused nor offended. We translate English slang or colloquialisms to expressions that are more appropriate to the target area.

Our expertise encompasses Learning Management Systems, video content, software, and corporate e-learning applications such as Articulate Rise, Articulate 360, Lectora, Captivate, and more. Our turnkey solutions cover text translation, voiceovers, and SCORM-compliant materials such as quizzes, role-plays, and presentations. What we produce undergoes rigorous integration and testing to ensure that you receive the same results in the French language as you do in English.


French Language Facts

French boasts about 80 million native speakers and 190 million secondary speakers, for a total of 270 million speakers around the world. It is an official language in 29 countries.

In Europe, France has 60 million native speakers, Belgium has 4 million, and Switzerland has 2 million. It is the fourth most widely-spoken European language with about 12 percent of the continent speaking it as a native language. Around 20 percent of EU citizens speak French, making it the fourth most-understood European language.
In North America, Quebec has 7 million native speakers. Although French is the official language of Haiti, only about 5 percent of its 11 million people are fluent.
In Africa, French is spoken by about 141 million people across 34 countries and territories. The most populous French-speaking cities throughout the world are Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Paris, France, and Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.The most common language used on the Internet is English, which is used by over 25 percent of the users, followed by Chinese at 20 percent, and Spanish at 8 percent. With almost 3 percent, French ranks ninth behind Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian/Malaysian, Japanese, and Russian.
How we work

Go Global in 3 Easy steps

Consult & Prepare

At the beginning of every project, we carry out an in-depth consultation to ensure we fully understand the requirements and to determine the technology we will deploy.

Connect & Localize

Using content connectors, API, translation memories and termbase, as well as style guides and other reference materials, the translation and localization process begins.

Test & Launch

All projects undergo MQM quality assurance prior to delivery, including human and automated QA checks, as well as linguistic and functional testing.


Frequently asked Questions

Our non-rush turnarounds for French languages are approximately as follows:-up to 500 words - under 24 hours-1,000 to 2,000 words - under 36 hours-over 2,000 words - at least 1,500 words per dayIf you are in a rush and in urgent need of translation & localization services, just contact us, and our Account Manager will find the right solution for you.Get your free estimate today!

    Yes. We work exclusively with over 500 native highly-qualified French translators, editors and terminologists to ensure professional, content-suited results. Moreover, we provide a free comprehensive revision if you happen to be unsatisfied.

      For your ultimate comfort and convenience, an assigned project manager will be there to assist you with your project.He/she prepares, supervises, and manages all the processes related to your project including communication with the involved linguists.

        Yes, you have the full say in which talent(s) will partake in your French language request. For every language we have a selection of voice talents to choose from. We make sure your vision comes to life!

          Case Studies

          Success Stories


          Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


          Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


          Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.