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Enterprise Localization

Automated and Scalable Solutions for Enterprise

Andovar provides technology-enhanced enterprise translation services and solutions to companies across multiple industries in over 200 language pairs. Helping multinational enterprises stay ahead of the competition in international markets, our automated systems and workflows accelerate multilingual content delivery across enterprise-wide operations with quality, speed and scalability.


Improve Efficiency With Agile Translation

Agile translation combines both localization and development so that all processes happen simultaneously. Translators are not waiting for developers to finish the code to localize content. Enterprise translation proceeds in small batches at the same time as agile sprints, which also completes small chunks of development work.
For this method to succeed, the workflow follows these steps.


Code with strings

Code with strings representing the translated text goes to the code repository.


Changes in content

Changes in content are automatically detected. New content that requires localization goes to the Translation Management System (TMS).



Translators localize and review content on the TMS.



Content integrates back into the code repository.


Systems that Support the Process from End to End

Control Projects With a Leading Translation Management System (TMS)

A TMS makes enterprise translation more straightforward and efficient by automating the workflow and tracking the localization process. It lessens or eliminates manual intervention by handling the repeated movement of content into and out of content repositories while allowing developers, translators, reviewers, and clients access. It also includes tools for project management and computer-aided translation (CAT). We use Memsource, one of the industrys' leading TMS solutions.

The TMS sits on a local server or in the cloud. When it receives a localization request, it processes the translation through a CAT tool, using appropriate terminology glossaries, technical grammar, and style standards. Any content that appears in translation memory, which is a database of localized text, is automatically used without having to undergo translation. The TMS then sends the processed translation to a native-speaking reviewer who will finalize the content prior to notifying the client and other stakeholders.

    Translate More for Less with Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence

    Automated translation functionalities which are found in CAT tools, TM and Termbase, carry out repetitive translation tasks. This differs from AI-driven Translation, which converts the source language to the target language with almost no human input.

    - Off-the-shelf MT tools, such as Google Translate, Amazon Translate, DeepL and others, which can be deployed in days produce increasingly accurate translations depending on language and content type.

    - Customizable MT solutions rely on training corpus, terminology lists, rules and statistical models of the language to improve accuracy for technical documents or corporate communications yielding even better results.

    - MT with Artificial Intelligence actually learns languages to improve its knowledge. It is the most accurate method and works more quickly after training.

    AI MT tools reduce the work that human translators have to do to polish the localized result. These advancements work perfectly for enterprise translation by handling millions of words almost instantly across multiple languages. They reduce costs and turn projects around in much faster timeframes.

      Content Management System (CMS) Connectors and REST API

      CMS connectors integrate our TMS with your own CMS, Enterprise Resource Planning, or other repositories. They eliminate the tedious and error-prone manual conversion of content among different formats. Much of the localization process becomes automated, encouraging an uninterrupted workflow to save time. We integrate with most CMSs, marketing automation platforms, and third-party systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Sitecore, Kentico, Adobe Commerce (previously Magento), Adobe Experience Manager, Gitlab, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Our connections rely on REST API that can GET, PUT, or DELETE information.

      Our team can set up this integration typically in a few days, enabling us to quickly receive content from your repository. You determine how much access to give us, what repositories we can use, and how translated content goes back to you.

        Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM)

        Andovar incorporates the most advanced localization QA methodology currently available; MQM. MQM is an advanced QA framework for assessing translation. Different content types such as instruction manuals, legal documentation and marketing all have different elements which are most important; accuracy, fluency, locale, verity, and design. Therefore, we assign different weighting to those elements depending on the content type. A score is generated during language quality assurance and translations can then be determined to have passed or failed.

          Dashboards to Manage Enterprise Translation

          Managing enterprise translation becomes daunting as you juggle text, multimedia, and software assets, determine where they are in the process, and deal with multiple languages. Andovar makes administering your localization projects more convenient by customizing a customer dashboard for you. Through this portal, which you can access from anywhere in the world, you can track the progress of multiple projects using graphs and charts.

          You can easily monitor job statuses, project overviews, and how much you spend or save based on a budget. Sorting through hundreds of emails becomes a thing of the past. You can also order, check, and receive translations without dealing with separate licenses, customer reps, or technical settings. Individual departments of your company, such as marketing, training, or documenting, can manage their own translation projects and budgets. Requiring individual log-ins with two-factor authentication to access the data improves security.

            Process from End to End
            Case Studies

            Success Stories


            Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


            Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


            Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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