Website localization

Projecting a local vibe when you’ve got a global audience may feel like an impossible dream. Andovar’s website localization services can make that dream a reality.

75% of worldwide internet users don’t speak English. If you want to expand your reach globally, you’ve got to act locally, and that means getting your website to speak many local languages. Employing native translators, advanced technologies and innovative processes, Andovar makes it happen. Our scalable, cost-effective website localization solutions enable companies to reach their global ambitions.

Our clients

Over the past decade we've had the privilege of working with some of the world's most influential brands.


Why localize?

what we localize

Sites of all stripes

From corporate sites to web applications, we make it shine in any language.

Millions of people around the world are browsing websites localized by Andovar

Tms connectors

Tms connectors

Simple localization

Lots to localize? Link our translation management system to your asset management system with one of our handy TMS connectors for hassle-free localization of all your content.

Multilingual SEO

Get found online

Localizing your website is critical in building your global presence. Making sure people can find your site is equally important. Andovar optimizes your localized site with relevant search terms.

Multilingual SEO
Content Value

Content Value

Choose the best path

High-value and high-volume content call for different localization approaches. We’ll recommend the most appropriate process for your content, keeping in mind time, cost and quality objectives.

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