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Connect with customers in their language. Andovar localization services address all major content types, so you can resonate across channels.
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Translation and Localization are in our DNA — and at the core of all our services. Innovative major brands rely on us to make their websites, apps and media come to life across the globe. We’ve been at it for over a decade. Leveraging a host of proven language technology tools and localization processes, our experienced project managers focus on quality to ensure your satisfaction.

For business and corporate content, we offer various options of professional translation services including globalization solutions for documents, websites, presentations, training, videos and more.

What you can expect:
  • Guaranteed content accuracy
  • Consistent terminology in regards to translation and localization
  • High-quality screened resources with demonstrated expertise in your industry
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Andovar is a global leader in enterprise translation services and content localization for digital media. We help enterprise companies, games developers, eLearning, HR & training, marketing, entertainment media, software developers, e-commerce, and other types of organizations produce global content adapted for international audiences. Our mission is to provide solutions for complex localization projects to facilitate our client companies’ seamless international growth.

Andovar's Enterprise Translation and Localization Services includes:
  • Enterprise terminology management
  • High-volume translation automation solutions
  • Turnkey solutions across all content types in over 80 languages
  • Translation Management System
  • Integration (via API and connectors)
  • MQM Quality assurance
  • Round the clock customer service and support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Strategy consultation
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Primarily used for marketing; transcreation and adaptation define true localization, adapting the content to resonate in the target market in ways not possible with word-for-word translation.

Components can include:
  • Ensuring culturally relevant imagery and emojis
  • Updating links to be sure they go to a landing page that is appropriate for a particular geography
  • Considering the meaning of colors in a different culture
  • Ensuring idioms make sense in the target culture
  • Knowing whether you can use an informal tone to speak to a target audience
  • Reworking a slogan or product name to render it culturally appropriate
  • Understanding what causes people to have specific emotions in each culture, such as happiness, sadness, and laughter
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Advanced quality assessment and measurement by pre-defined metrics by content type, MQM's customizable LQA profiles allow our clients to tailor the severity and types of errors flagged, and the ability to implement pass/fail thresholds in line with their quality standards. Our QA system applies MQM in a wide variety of content localization projects, such as multimedia marketing campaigns, SEO web content, customer support, technical documentation, product descriptions, promotional materials, and more to increase accuracy, fluency, speed, and cost savings for enterprise clients.

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    Large language models (LLMs) have revolutionized the way we approach automated translation and quality assurance (QA). By leveraging vast amounts of language data and deep learning techniques, LLMs can improve the output of machine translation systems and enable automated QA, complementing human QA processes.

    These powerful models enable our team at Andovar to significantly increase efficiency and productivity by performing translations and QA checks at an unprecedented scale. The advanced algorithms used by LLMs allow us to provide translations that are more accurate, consistent, and nuanced than ever before.

    Automated QA checks performed by LLM-powered tools ensure that every translation adheres to our strict quality standards. By using LLM-based QA tools alongside human QA checks, we are able to identify and rectify any errors or inconsistencies in the translation process quickly and efficiently, further improving the quality of our translations.

    Large language models play a crucial role in our translation and QA processes. They enable us to increase efficiency and productivity while providing translations that are of the highest quality. With their assistance, we are able to ensure that our clients' messages are effectively communicated across cultures and languages.

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      What we localize

      A One-Stop Translation & Localization Solution for Any Multilingual Campaign



      Take your software to a global audience, but make it feel local. We go beyond translation services, adapting your programs culturally so you can succeed in new markets.

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      Websites & Ecommerce

      Projecting a local vibe when you’ve got a global audience may feel like an impossible task, but with our website connectors and integrations, our global translation agency can make that dream a reality.

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      Take your brand to market with flawless audio. We’ve recorded thousands of hours — with our global translation company, our practice makes your products perfect.

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      There are now over 2.5 billion active video gamers around the world. But are they playing your games? Globalize your audience by localizing your games.

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      Knowledge knows no borders, and neither should sharing it. Localize your online educational programs in any language and in any country with our expert teams.

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      Deliver precise translations of high-volume documents quickly and cost-effectively with Andovar’s accurate, AI-driven document localization services.

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      Marketing Content

      Create customized experiences for audiences around the world with localized marketing and communications messages. 

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      Mobile Apps

      Maximize your global visibility and multiply downloads through innovative global translation services tailored to target markets.

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      Translation and Localization Technology with a Purpose

      Efficiency gain

      Computer-aided translation

      Enhance translator capacity and consistency across teams through a variety of advanced functionalities.

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      Cost saving

      Translation memory

      Lower your translation costs and accelerate time to market by leveraging previously translated and localized content.

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      Maintain consistency across translations and business units with advanced terminology control software..

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      High-volume translation

      Artificial Intelligence

      Automatically translate and localize text using advanced grammatical, syntactic and semantic analysis techniques powered by artificial intelligence.

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      Connect digital asset management systems, website CMS systems and any other system with our range of TMS connectors.

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      Translation Management


      The mothership to a suite of advanced language technology, TMS underpins the project process enabling projects to be delivered on spec.

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      CTA BG

      Millions of people around the world are using products translated and localized by Andovar


      Maintaining Consistent Branding

      Using brand assets such as multilingual style guides and termbases, translators produce content aligned with your company voice, so your brand shines consistently across markets.

      A document outlining language-specific instructions for translation, style guides are an essential component for quality-focused organizations. Style guides establish and enforce style to improve communication and ensure consistency across your content.

      A style guide will usually cover some or all of these areas:

      • Target audience: Is the content aimed at hip teenagers or high-level executives? The language used should reflect this.
      • Tone of voice: Do you want to be formal or informal? Persuasive or instructional? Fun or serious?
      • Branding guidelines: What are the company or brand names and trademarks? How should they be used in the text?
      • Locale-specific requirements: What formats are used for date and time, numbers, phone numbers, currencies, percentages, and units of measure?
      • Language: Grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, acronyms and abbreviations.
      • Reference materials: The best way to make instructions clear is to include examples of right and wrong usage and links to existing high-quality materials.

      Integrated with the translation tools in our Translation Management System, a termbase is a database of approved terminology with corresponding translation and guidelines for use.

      One of the most important assets in translation & localization, here are a few reasons why a termbase is necessary in your translation & localization process:

      • Readability: Texts are easier to understand when there is no ambiguity or inconsistency. Readers will focus on what you are saying rather than struggle to get the intended meaning or stop reading because they don’t understand.
      • Image: Consistent use of terminology indicates good writing and projects a professional and confident image of your organization.
      • Subject matter expertise: Termbases are produced or approved by a specialist who is not a translator, while users of termbases do not need to be domain experts.
      • String lengths: String lengths are often restricted in software, gaming and mobile applications. Termbases will have pre-approved terms with correct string length.
      • Productivity: Translators and editors work faster and more confidently when there is a clear reference for the terminology. When there is a well-done termbase integrated with CAT tools, translators and editors see the terms automatically as they work instead of having to refer to an external document or researching online.
      • Cost: Fewer quality complaints and corrections lower the total cost of translation projects because higher quality materials require less work from editors and proofreaders.
      • Controlled language: Termbases are part of controlled language, which makes documentation easier and faster to index, search and manage.

      Custom Translation Solutions Fit for Purpose

      Content differs, so our methods do, too, as translation and localization services alone may not be enough. We devise the right approach for each content type: transcreation for UI and marketing; AI-powered translation with edit for products; and fully automated translation for user reviews.


      When you enter a new country, translating marketing content and product names sometimes isn't enough. While the localization process goes beyond language, transcreation goes a step further by taking into account all the cultural nuances of the target market. Transcreation looks at images, product names, slogans, links, and idioms to make sure they are culturally relevant and will promote the brand effectively in the new culture.

        For naturally highly contextual, non-structured content such as marketing content, a professional human translation and editing process is strongly recommended to achieve the desired results. Andovar works with over 10,000 professional translators and editors. We carefully allocate the best qualified linguists by subject-matter experience to deliver optimal results.

          AI translation + human post-editing is a great solution for high-volume, urgent projects, those where premium quality is not required or where budgets are limited. Andovar's state-of-the-art AI translation platform, Language Studio, has integrated translation engines that can be specifically trained for your industry. Language Studio, adopted as Andovar’s default custom translation engine for our batch translation workflows, offers important advantages for our clients including GDPR compliance.

            While not all content is created equally, all content is important. Determining the order to translate in is one of the most important steps to make sure that all materials roll out in a seamless and timely fashion. Thankfully, this process is far easier than one might suspect. Taking the triage example, you can perform what Andovar refers to as a "Content Triage." Not only will this allow you to consider the precise role and value of content before your translation efforts begin, it can also unlock valuable information that you can use to assist with budgeting and quality control purposes.


              Quality Control for Translation and Localization Services


              In-country translators

              For maximum accuracy, we leverage the talents of people who actually live and work in the countries you're targeting.


              Resource screening

              All translators and editors undergo rigorous, subject-specific testing. Only a small percentage of those who apply make it to our team.


              Multistep process

              Our multistep process includes terminology development, translation, localization editing and quality assurance, ensuring a high-quality output.

              Translation and Localization Success Stories


              Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


              Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


              Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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              Translation and Localization Services - Frequently asked Questions

              • Contact us via our web form: Our team will provide an in-depth consultation to set a precise plan of the best way to execute your translation & localization project effectively.
              • Ready, Set, Launch: Once you are satisfied with the plan, your assigned project manager will be there to assist you with your translation & localization project. He/she prepares, supervises, and manages all the processes related to your project, from kick-off through to delivery and billing. He/she does not translate or localize documents but is responsible for the final check and makes sure that your project is always delivered on time.
              • Quality Assurance & Delivery: Before delivery, the project will undergo multiple strict quality assurance steps to ensure it meets your expectations.

              We are confident in our quality. However, in case the translation and localization does not meet your expectations, we provide free revisions within 30 days of delivery. Simply explain what the issues are along with some examples, and our translators will update the translations and redeliver. We value your comfort and peace of mind.

                We have options available for both human and AI-driven translation; we offer various innovative solutions based on volume, budget, urgency and the nature of the content.
                Book a meeting to find out how we can best approach your content!

                  Yes, our global translator network consists of over 5,000 native translators, editors and terminologists. Whatever your needs, we’ve got qualified people with the relevant subject matter expertise in countries around the world.

                    Andovar is a leading translation & localization provider with over 40 areas of expertise. Some of the industries we specialize in include:

                    • eLearning & HR
                    • Ecommerce
                    • Software
                    • Travel hospitality
                    • Gaming
                    • Broadcast media
                    • Marketing & advertising
                    • Apps
                    • Finance

                      Just let us know how we can help you!

                    We estimate the turnaround time based on total word count analysis and complexity of the content.

                    Typically, our non-rush turnarounds for translation & localization services are approximately as follows:

                    – up to 500 words – under 10 hours,

                    – 1,000 to 2,000 words – under 36 hours,

                    – over 2,000 words – at least 1,500 words per day.

                    If you are in a rush and in urgent need of translation & localization services, just contact us, and our Account Manager will find the right solution for you.

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