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Subtitle Services in Any Language and Format

The rise of over-the-top media and subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu necessitates a new approach to audiovisual accessibility. Succeed in any market, in any language, with Andovar’s captioning and subtitling service, including subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH). This cost-effective, scalable alternative to dubbing will open new doors to your on-demand content around the world.

Text translations of spoken video content usually on 2 lines at the base of the screen, subtitles enable you to preserve your message while accounting for local and cultural differences.

    Typically in the same language as the audio track, captions make sure people with hearing impairments and those watching in noisy environments can understand all your audio content. Captions may include descriptions of sound effects, music, and character identification.

      SDH or 'Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing,',are ideal when launching content to an international audience with hearing impairments. SDH subtitles, much like captions, include descriptions of sound effects, music, and character identification.


        Formats and Channels

        Whether you need TTML, SRT, XML or SAMI, Andovar’s got you covered. We generate files in all the formats used by major content distribution channels such as YouTube, Amazon and Netflix.








        Turnkey Subtitling Services


        Andovar's transcription service enables you capture spoken content from audio & video and convert it to text files. Using a combined approach involving powerful AI-driven technology and human transcribers, transcripts are delivered accurately and quickly at affordable prices.

          A pre-stage task for subtitling services, using an AI / human hybrid model, transcripts are accurately transcribed and reviewed. Precision time stamps are added following timed style guide specifications, to produce a timed template ready for translation.

            Using specialized subtitle translators with years of broadcast translation experience, our translators are adept at adapting the nuances found in international TV scripts. We offer a range of subtitling formats found in any type of content and bring the content to life in your audience's local languages.

              Guidelines and specifications vary from platform to platform. Our team adapts any existing file format to meet the many varying specifications of streaming services and SDH accessibility.

                To help you grow your international audience, Andovar helps you gain additional visibility with premium translated metadata. From YouTube to Vimeo and other OTT platforms, translated metadata increases a video's reach and discoverability.

                  QC is built into Andovar's process from translation through editing and QA. Reading speed, character and line limitations, event maximum and minimum specifications are all pre-programmed at the beginning of any project to enforce timed style guide compliance.A Final language QA assesses linguistic quality.


                    High Volume Demand Requires Scalable Solutions

                    High-volume projects require tools that can scale. We leverage automation technology, artificial intelligence and advanced platforms such as Media Studio to effectively handle projects of any size.

                    The ultimate subtitle services platform, Media Studio offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-class tools for managing, creating, translating, editing, and processing subtitles, captions, and videos. Through a range of features, Media Studio facilitates automation like no other subtitling platform available on the market, enabling up to 300% efficiency gains to be realized. From automated dialogue transcription with AI driven splitting and structuring to custom broadcast media trained machine translation engines with in-built terminology tools, Media Studio is highly configurable to virtually any broadcast specifications.

                      Built on a foundation of high-quality subtitle-optimized machine translation engines, Media Studio enables significant productivity and translation quality gains over hundreds of thousands of subtitles processed to companies all across the world.

                      • Hybrid Neural/Statistical Machine Translation engines
                      • Fully customizable with client subtitle data
                      • Progressive quality improvements via machine learning AI

                      Andovar views Machine Translation as a tool for increasing translator productivity, not replacing them. Depending on specific client requirements, all machine-translated content passes through up to two rounds of human professional editing, followed by thorough human and automated QA system checks.

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                        Millions of people around the world are enjoying subtitles provided by Andovar


                        Solutions for Global Content Creators

                        Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend on Andovar to deliver quality subtitling. From corporate eLearning to the latest on-demand TV platforms, we deliver high-caliber content to audiences via a range of innovative technologies.

                        Studios, OTT platforms and linear TV channels turn to Andovar for accurate subtitling services. Featuring several pricing models and production processes involving both human and automated translation solutions, we are able to accommodate a wide range of projects with varying scale, quality expectations and budgetary needs.

                          Video content has emerged as a powerful way to engage your audiences. A cost-effective alternative to professional voiceover, caption and subtitling services are becoming more and more established in the marketing arena as a way to generate interest from global audiences.

                            Subtitling-embedded video content has become virtually standard as companies strive to make their courses accessible to an international workforce. Subtitling your eLearning modules not only helps you train a larger audience, it enables your modules to generate more revenue.

                              Case Studies

                              Success Stories


                              Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


                              Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


                              Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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                              Frequently asked Questions

                              If you are interested in our subtitling services, just fill in our request a quote form, upload your brief and provide a link to any proxy media. Provide a brief of what you would like:

                              • Services (transcription/template creation, captions, subtitle translations, SDH subtitles)
                              • Languages
                              • Media proxy
                              • Timed style guide (or we will use our default, based on the Netflix standard)
                              • Technical specifications
                              • Start date
                              • Delivery date

                                If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to get in touch with us; call or email us for a free consultation.

                              Andovar provides subtitling services in over 200 language pairs. We have over 5,000 translators ready to make your content wow audiences around the world.

                                We use human and/or MT. Whichever model is used, all content is post-edited and QC'd by human professional translators. Andovar's view is that MT does not replace translators; rather, it helps them to be more efficient. We work with a state-of-the-art platform with built-in machine translation engines specifically trained for broadcast media content. In addition to automating the translation, our platform has terminology management tools, as well as inbuilt real-time QC checks that ensure reading speeds are respected, as well as flagging character and line limit violations.

                                  All files are encrypted and kept on secure servers. Translators and staff are all bound by NDAs and confidentiality agreements.

                                    We support all types of software formats including the most common formats (.xml, .xliff, .csv,.) json and many others.

                                      We rarely encounter complaints with translation quality. However, in case the translation does not meet your expectations, we provide free revisions within 30 days of delivery. Simply explain what the issues are along with some examples, and our translators will update the content and redeliver.

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