Games localization

There are now over 2.5 billion active video gamers around the world. Are they playing your games? Globalize your audience by localizing your games.

Even when gamers don’t speak the same language, they still seek a shared experience — and it’s up to you to deliver. Global game revenues already exceed $100 billion per year and continue to grow. Your games may be available globally, but are they multilingual and multicultural? Adapt your mobile and video games for any market and increase your audience — and your revenues — exponentially.

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Take the fun global with expert localization for a wide range of games.

Millions of people around the world are enjoying games localized by Andovar

A holistic approach


A holistic approach

After thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with your game, we localize your content, select actors to deliver amazing performances, and test on multiple devices and platforms for optimal outcomes.


Quality control

Your game’s have got to work well on multiple devices, platforms and operating systems, as well as in every target location. We test it all thoroughly so that you can reach the greatest number of global gamers.

Quality control


Terminology management

Verify that all your critical terms and word choices convey your intended meaning in territories around the world.

Translation and transcreation

Go beyond simple word-for-word translation with content that also considers for geographic, cultural and contextual factors.

Voiceover & dubbing

Cast actors who portray your characters pitch-perfectly. With our extensive international voice talent pool, we’ll find the perfect match for every role.


Preserve your original game dialogue while providing accurate onscreen translations that convey the story compellingly in additional languages.

On-screen text

Make sure your game’s on-screen text sets the ideal tone for the overall experience while adapting for regional tastes.


Guarantee that your game works flawlessly on a wide range of devices, platforms and operating systems in all your target markets.

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