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There are now over 2.5 billion active video gamers around the world. Are they playing your games? Andovar provides game localization services into over 80 languages enabling you to release your game into virtually any market.
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Game Localization Services, by Gamers

Even when gamers don’t speak the same language, they still seek a shared experience — and it’s up to you to deliver. Global game revenues already exceed $100 billion per year and continue to grow. Your games may be available globally, but are they multilingual and multicultural? Adapt your mobile and video games for any market and increase your audience — and your revenues — exponentially.

Our experienced SMEs immerse themselves in the game, conducting a complete game playthrough and gaining an invaluable understanding of the story, tone and terminology. This valuable preparation leads to a smooth localization process.

    Using a combination of experienced game translators, leading game localization technology and written style guidelines Using a combination of (A), (B) and (C) paves the way for a consistent internal and external lexicon, writing style and tone.

      Drawing on an experienced game voiceover talent pool, we produce voiceover in our professional recording studios, led by skilled engineers and bilingual directors. Our accomplished game voiceover actors have voiced thousands of roles.

        Covering all major devices and platforms, our game localization testing services ensure your game is engaging and entertaining for everyone. Desktop or console, handheld or mobile, we’ll see that it plays nicely.

          Game Localization Services

          Any Device, Any Language


          Fast, accurate translation is always essential, but mobile games also have text length limitations. We’ll ensure your text reads and fits well in any language.


            Incredibly rich and complex, online games require adaptation on multiple fronts. Our expert team captures nuances and details to immerse players around the globe.

              PC & Mac
              PC & Mac

              The vast array of games available for PC and Mac computers present all kinds of localization challenges. Andovar’s experience will see you through successfully.


                Dedicated gamers demand the best from their high-end gaming consoles. Our international voice talent and expert translators ensure authentic experiences.


                  Small devices deliver big audiences, but they have limitations. Our game localization experts know how to work within tight parameters to deliver great results.

                    Virtual reality
                    Virtual reality

                    When you’re immersed in a virtual world, every detail has got to be right. Count on Andovar’s VR localization experts to make it feel real for everyone.


                      Game Localization Services That Produce Results

                      Terminology Control

                      Verify that all your critical terms and word choices convey your intended meaning in territories around the world.

                      Games Translation and Transcreation

                      Go beyond simple word-for-word translation with content that also considers geographic, cultural and contextual factors.

                      Gaming Voiceover

                      Cast actors who portray your characters pitch-perfectly. With our extensive international voice talent pool, we’ll find the perfect match for every role.

                      Subtitling for Game Dialogue

                      Preserve your original game dialogue while providing accurate onscreen translations that convey the story compellingly in additional languages.

                      On-screen Text Localization

                      Make sure your game’s on-screen text sets the ideal tone for the overall experience while adapting for regional tastes.

                      Game Testing

                      Guarantee that your game works flawlessly on a wide range of devices, platforms and operating systems in all your target markets.


                      Multilingual Experiences Across Genres

                      Take the fun global with expert localization for a wide range of games.







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                      Gamers around the world are playing games localized by Andovar


                      Game Testing Services

                      Your games have got to work well on multiple devices, platforms and operating systems, as well as in every target location. We test them all thoroughly so that they not only reach the greatest number of global gamers but also connect with them emotionally. Some of the aspects we check for:


                      • User interface display when viewed using different hardware, operating systems, software versions, and browser types
                      • Text length and screen fit requirements
                      • Data entry tasks
                      • Dynamic and hard-coded elements, including forms, dialogues, pop-ups, and graphic layering
                      • Text and audio syncing
                      • Platform compliance

                      • Clarity of story and in-game instructions
                      • Linguistic and cultural validation
                      • Missing translations, mistranslations (out of context), and corrupted characters
                      • Inappropriate and/or inconsistent line breaks
                      • Data entry tasks and linguistic checks to identify incorrect data manipulation/corruption
                      • Cultural and regional requirements
                      Case Studies

                      Success Stories


                      Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


                      Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


                      Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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                      Frequently asked Questions

                      As part of our game localization services, we recommend translators perform a playthrough of the game, a process known as familiarization. The translators play through the game to immerse themselves in the storyline, characters, tone and terminology. If the game is still in the planning stages, we can work with drafts and other available reference materials.

                        Our translators are all avid gamers with extensive experience providing game localization services for a full range of game genres. All game translators have been tested and reviewed by their peers. Less than 5% of game localization translators who apply make it on to our team.

                          Our game translators are all located in-country in their respective countries. Simplified Chinese game translators will be in mainland China, Japanese game translators will be located in Japan. All game localization services are managed online via a secure cloud-based translation management system.

                            Experienced Resources:

                            Quality starts at the root; translators and editors. Through our large resource management team, Andovar maintains a database of experienced games translators, with game localization experience across multiple genres.


                            As an experienced game localization company, Andovar follows game localization best practices including:

                            • Familiarization:The familiarization stage is where resources get the opportunity to play the game and understand the storyline, plot, characters, and terminology. It is also a good opportunity to identify any cultural issues or conflicts of interest which could lead to confusion when translated, or worse still put you on the wrong side of the law.
                            • Translation Asset Development:We advocate the creation of translation assets prior to translation including termbase and style guides to ensure correct terminology and tone of voice.
                            • Testing:When the game has been translated, the game will then go on to be tested. linguistically and functionally. Once the localized build it complete, a native-speaking tester plays the game and takes screenshots of issues (including untranslated text, lines that are too long, coding issues, incorrect text orientation, contextual errors).
                            • Technology:Being a specialist game localization company, we use a variety of high-end tools and technologies in our workflow. These include a leading translation management system with inbuilt tools including termbase, computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, translation memory, AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine translation and automated QA.
                            • Multidimensional Quality Metrics Framework:Customizable LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance) profiles allow us to tailor the level of severity of errors depending on the content type (game dialogue, website content, FAQ, legal, EULA, user instructions, software etc.), and the ability to implement pass/fail thresholds in line with defined quality standards. The features also permit users to set rules and weighting for errors according to content types, client style guides, or other genre-specific requirements.

                            In order to estimate the price, we would expect to receive the files (in any format: strings, .xml, xliff, .doc., .txt., csv, .json, .po). We would then perform an analysis using specialist tools that count the words (excluding mark-up), while making provisions for repeat text. Lastly, we will assess the number of hours required to perform a full LQA of the game. Other costs could include termbase and style guide development.

                              The length of time it will take to localize a game depends on the size and complexity of the game. Typically, translators translate 2,000 - 2,500 words/day, whereas editors edit approximately 5,000 words/day. For high-volume games, machine translation with human post-editing (MTPE) can be considered, since this can expedite the process. The Viability of MT is determined by feasibility testing and review by trained MT post-editors.

                                Yes. For large games with regular updates, Andovar can connect developers to our cloud-based translation management platform. When a new string is added, this will be automatically routed to Andovar's TMS (Translation Management System) via our API and channelled to a translator. Once translated, the translations will be sent back to the game development platform.

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