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Deliver precise translations of high-volume documents quickly and cost-effectively with Andovar’s accurate, efficient document localization services.
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Deliver Documents with Speed & Scalability

Accurate documentation is essential for most brands. When you need to distribute that documentation in multiple languages, you want a cost-efficient, scalable solution that maintains your brand’s consistency everywhere you do business. Andovar offers multiple options for meeting this recurring need at a reasonable price — at any scale.

As a leading document localization agency, Andovar provides document localization services into over 200 language pairs, enabling you to communicate in any target market. In addition to business correspondence Andovar localizes:


Data Sheets


Regulatory Documents






Operator Manuals


User Manuals


Service Manuals


Document Localization Services

Optical character recognition (OCR)

OCR extracts printed and handwritten text from digital images, such as scanned documents. Andovar then translates this captured text into any language you need.

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Terminology management

Translating industry-specific terminology takes special skill. Our terminology management system ensures consistent, accurate use of your brand’s key terms.

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Digital publishing

From complicated technical manuals to robust marketing materials, Andovar translates all your digital collateral speedily and accurately.

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Graphics localization

Adapting your visuals to fit different regions helps your brand speak to each of your target markets. Our international network ensures your graphics hit the mark.

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Make sure your message comes across exactly the way you intend — in every language and in all your markets.

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Adapt your message for new languages and new markets — preserving the original tone, style, intent and context.

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Artificial Intelligence

High volumes call for scalable solutions. Our AI-enhanced translation technology accurately translates large quantities of documents efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Human editors and subject matter experts verify and polish AI translated content before it goes live.

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Publishing at Scale

Andovar's document localization services ensure your manuals and brochures will shine in any language. Our digital publishing specialists provide graphics and layout localization services at scale in all major publishing applications.








Millions of people around the world are reading documents translated by Andovar


Technical Translators & SME

Access our global team of over 10,000 translators, editors and terminologists. Whatever your needs, we have got qualified people with the relevant subject matter expertise in countries around the world. From high-volume manuals to high-impact marketing brochures, Andovar helps brands gain a competitive advantage on a global scale. Whether it's automotive, accounting or aerospace, our experts have you covered.







Life sciences




Case Studies

Success Stories


Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send the files that you would like to have translated through our quotes form. We will respond within the hour during business hours, or early the following day outside of business hours. We have teams across the globe so your request will arrive within the business hours of one of our offices.

    Project files ideally in their original format; for example .docx, .id., .fm, .ai, .psd, pptx. For maximum efficiency it's recommended that you provide original source files. However, if you only have .pdf, we may be able to extract the text for translation using our tools. However digital publishing may require more hours. For non-extractable content, Andovar uses OCR technology. Once we have extracted the text, we perform a word count, factoring in repeat content. Lastly, if digital publishing/ layout is required, we estimate the hours required and provide an itemized quotation.

      Our translators are all located in-country in their respective countries. Simplified Chinese translators will be located in Mainland China, Japanese translators will be located in Japan. All our localization services are managed online via a secure cloud-based translation management system.

        You name it, we work in it. We have a large dedicated digital publishing team who provide document localization services. Most popular applications are the MS Office applications (Word, PowerPoint), Illustrator and InDesign.

          Experienced Resources:

          Quality starts at the root, translators, editors, digital publishers, and proofreaders. Through our large resource management team, Andovar maintains a database of experienced translators, with localization experience across multiple subject domains.


          As an experienced document localization company, Andovar follows localization best practices, including

          Translation Asset Development:

          We advocate the creation of translation assets prior to translation including termbase and style guides to ensure correct terminology and tone of voice.

          Proofreading & QA (Quality Assurance):

          When the document has been translated and layout has been completed, the document will be proofread.


          Being a specialist document localization company, we use a variety of high-end tools and technologies in our workflow. These include a leading translation management system with inbuilt tools including termbase, computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, translation memory, AI machine translation and automated QA.

          Multidimensional Quality Metrics Framework:

          Customizable LQA profiles allow us to tailor the level of severity of errors depending on the content type (FAQ, legal, EULA, user instructions etc.), and provide the ability to implement pass/fail thresholds in line with defined quality standards. The features also permit users to set rules and weighting for errors according to content types, client style guides, or other genre-specific requirements.

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            The cost of localizing a document depends on the number of words in the document and the languages you wish to localize into. Cost differential between languages is determined by the cost of living in the translator's own country and the number of translators skilled in the subject matter.It's simple supply and demand. Expect Southeast Asian languages to be cheaper than European languages, since cost of living is so much cheaper in Southeast Asia. In order to estimate the price, we would expect to receive the files. We would then perform an analysis using specialist tools that count the words (excluding mark-up), while making provisions for repeat text. We would then assess the number of pages,and the complexity of the layout and graphics localization. Lastly, we will assess the number of hours required to proofread the document. Other costs could include termbase and style guide development.

              The length of time it will take to perform document localization services depends on the size (number of words and pages) and complexity of the document (e.g., tables, graphics, illustrations). Typically, translators translate 2,000–2,500 words/day, whereas editors edit approximately 5,000 words/day. The translation productivity may be faster or slower depending on the complexity of the document.
              For high-volume projects, machine translation with human post-editing (MTPE) can be considered since this can expedite the process. The Viability of MT is determined by feasibility testing and review by trained MT post-editors.

                We use human translation as well as artifical intelligence tools to produce translation projects. For small projects or projects in languages that do not lend themselves to AI translation, human translation & editing is the method of choice. However, for large-scale document localization, AI-enhanced translation can be a suitable model for accelerated production. For all automated translation projects, the output is post-edited by professional translators.

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