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Artificial intelligence is only as smart as the data it’s fed. Leverage AI to your advantage with high-quality data from Andovar.
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Fueling AI for Smarter, More Dependable Systems

AI thrives on dependable data; and the web collects data on a grand scale, tracking how users interact with every aspect of your website, apps and social media. Your text, audio and video assets also harbor a wealth of hidden information. Andovar culls the most useful data from the trove to strengthen AI and machine learning technologies.

Train technology to translate better with your valuable text data. Your documents supply the power for improved machine translation.

    Leverage your audio to train improved automated solutions, such as speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversions.

      Pioneer gesture recognition with your video data. AI is learning how to interpret body language from different cultures, so gestures can be used to control apps.


        Data Projects

        Increase efficiency with automation, including chat bots and machine translation.


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        Collection & Annotation

        Your data, organized

        Your data, organized. Get more out of your data when Andovar oversees the logistics of collection and aggregation. Gain maximum insight into your audience when we organize your data based on language, locale and culture.

          Our data, categorized

          Your data, categorized. Data’s more valuable when it comes with notes. Tagging, gesture labeling, and image and video captioning all make your data easier to use for everyone across your enterprise.

            Case Studies

            Success Stories


            Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


            Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


            Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

            Grow your world.

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