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Localized apps offer a powerful opportunity to expand your reach and unlock lucrative new revenue streams. Embrace the worldwide mobile market as your brand expands across the globe. Andovar’s app localization services bring your apps to audiences everywhere.

3 reasons to localize your app

App activity far outpaces browser usage on mobile devices. Create a better experience for your users with optimally localized apps.

    International consumers will discover and engage with your apps more easily when you localize your listings in Google Play and the App Store.

      Localizing the text in your mobile app leads to more downloads — a single step that multiplies results.


        What We Localize

        Our customized workflows support the localization of every app type, including:







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        Millions of people around the world are using apps localized by Andovar


        Take Your App Global

        Internationalization readies your app for translation while ensuring that it can be adapted with minimal engineering changes, increasing flexibility and the cost-effectiveness of your project.


        Prior to commencing an app translation project, we conduct a full review of the app to ensure there won't be any complications further into the project. Aspects we check for include character support, completeness of extracted text and layout. We achieve this with pseudo-translation.

          Different languages expand and others contract when translated. When translating apps for the small screen, care needs to be taken to ensure the right fit for the translation. Andovar's app translation services include technology and QA services to ensure specifications are met.

            Andovar helps you achieve maximum adoption worldwide with consistent terminology use and tone of voice through terminology management tools built into our translation platform.

              Andovar has been providing app translation services since the advent of the app itself. Only the best translators are selected by our resource management team.


                Tap into the hottest markets

                Andovar assists you in selecting markets to target based on factors such as size, GDP and number of countries using particular languages. We’ll help manage your app by country, locale and language.

                When deciding what language to localize into, generally it's a balance involving understanding which languages are most widely spoken and understanding trends in the world of mobile apps. The biggest market for apps is China, where users download twice as many apps as anywhere else in the world so if you want exposure, localizing your mobile app into Simplified Chinese is a good bet. Other major app markets include Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Hindi, Korean and Japanese.

                  With Andovar’s app translation services, it is easy to process iOS app localization or Android app localization.


                    App Localization Testing

                    Phones vary in screen size and functionality. Our rigorous linguistic, functional, cosmetic and UX testing ensures your app works flawlessly across devices and cultures while making the same impact as in your home market.

                    Given the large number of users who uninstall an app after just one use, it's vital to resonate with local users to have the best chance of success. Andovar's native language testers take the app through its paces, reviewing the content from a local perspective to ensure maximum stickability.

                      With the countless number of screen sizes and devices available on the market, app testing in just one environment isn't enough. Andovar's app localization services incorporate testing on a variety of screens in iOS as well as Android.

                        Experience is everything. Consumers have little patience. During the testing process, we thoroughly test the app using local talent to ensure an overall high-quality native experience, in addition to testing full functionality.

                          App Localization Testing

                          Look Good Locally

                          When you've done all the hard work meticulously planning and creating your app, don't stop there. With Andovar's app translation services, we can help you get more visibility and downloads for your translated app.

                          App desciptions

                          App descriptions

                          Localize your app description, so speakers of any language can easily discover and download your app from anywhere in the world.



                          Choose keywords that resonate with users in each target market. Our intimate knowledge of international locales yields keywords that make sense in context.

                          Images & videos

                          Images & videos

                          Make sure your screenshots, images and videos promoting your app reflect the local language and are every bit as engaging as your text.

                          Case Studies

                          Success Stories


                          Audiences across Europe and Asia can now access Agoda’s extensive travel services in their own languages.


                          Reaching out to music lovers in Thailand, Spotify translated its user interface into Thai, expanding into a new market.


                          Preparing to launch in a new region, Airbnb wanted to adapt its marketing content and localize its app and videos.

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                          Frequently Asked Questions

                          Just fill in our quote form and upload your app strings via the upload feature. One of our experts will respond to you within the hour during business hours, or early the next business day when outside of business hours. We will perform an analysis of the content, factor in any repeated content and produce a quotation based on the number of words in the app along with a detailed project schedule. As a full-service App Localization Services provider, we also provide you with the option of terminology glossary development, style guide creation, linguistic testing, functional testing and UX testing. Once you approve the quote, we commence the project.

                            We work directly with all file types including .xml, .xliff, .csv, .json as well as .apk, .xapk, .apks, .apkm, .ipa and many other formats. Just upload your files to our quote form and we will perform an analysis and send a quote within a few hours.

                              We offer approximately 80 languages from English. In total we support approximately 200 language pairs within our app localization services.

                                In addition to working with some of the best app translators in the industry, for all our localization services we use a multi-step process, which includes translation and separate editing. App localization services also follow this approach. In addition to translation & editing, we recommend pre-project processes including glossary/ termbase development, style guide creation and provision of reference materials. All of our projects go through extensive quality assurance. Andovar incorporates Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM) in its workflow. MQM enables client stakeholders to attribute greater weight to key aspects of the translationincluding accuracy, fluency, locale, verity and design. Translations pass or fail based on the chosen scoring framework enabling translations that meet defined specifications to be produced consistently.

                                  Andovar has a large pool of app translation specialists managed by a dedicated resource management team. We have over 5,000 in-country translators skilled across a wide range of industries.

                                    Delivery time is dependent on the volume of words requiring translation and the complexity of the subject matter. Translators can translate approximately 2,500 words of content/day of standard complexity content, while editors can edit approximately 4,000 - 5,000 words/day. Time should also be allocated to pre-project preparation, including glossary/termbase development. A small app translation may take a few days, whereas a large app could take weeks. For large-scale app translation projects, we provide the option of machine translation with human post-editing, which can substantially speed up production while reducing cost.

                                      If you are not satisfied with your translation, we will make any necessary updates until it meets with your approval. All we would require is some written feedback as to why the translation doesn't meet your expectations in order for our translators and editors to focus on the key parts.

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                                        Please provide a little bit of information in the form below and we will be in touch soon. If you are interested in working for Andovar (as translator/ SLV or full-time employee), please visit our careers site.