App localization

Maximize your global visibility and multiply downloads through innovative localization solutions tailored to target markets.

Take advantage of the booming app economy — slated to double in size by next year. Localized apps offer a powerful opportunity to expand your reach and unlock lucrative new revenue streams. Embrace the worldwide mobile market as your brand expands across the globe. Andovar’s app localization services bring your apps to audiences everywhere.

Our clients

Over the past decade we've had the privilege of working with some of the world's most influential brands.


Why localize?

what we localize

Absolutely everything

Our customized workflows support the localization of every app type, including:

Millions of people around the world are using apps localized by Andovar

Take your app global

app internationalization

Take your app global

Internationalization readies your app for translation while ensuring that it can be adapted with minimal engineering changes, increasing flexibility and the cost-effectiveness of your project.

market prioritization

Strategic rollout

Andovar assists you in selecting markets to target based on factors such as size, GDP and number of countries using particular languages. We’ll help manage your app by country, locale and language.

Strategic rollout
Market-ready apps

app testing

Market-ready apps

Phones vary in screen size and functionality. Our rigorous linguistic, functional, cosmetic and UX testing ensures your app works flawlessly across devices and cultures while making the same impact as in your home market.

Look good locally


App descriptions

Localize your app description, so speakers of any language can easily discover and download your app from anywhere in the world.



Choose keywords that resonate with users in each target market. Our intimate knowledge of international locales yields keywords that make sense in context.


Images & videos

Make sure your screenshots, images and videos promoting your app reflect the local language and are every bit as engaging as your text.

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