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Wargaming.net has been making award-winning strategy games for PC since 1998.

Wargaming.net has been making award-winning strategy games for PC since 1998. Their long-term focus on this genre has allowed them to master the principles of making truly enjoyable games. Their latest release, World of Tanks (WoT – www.worldoftanks.com) is the first and only team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. The gamers’ arsenal includes more than 150 armored vehicles from America, Germany, and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy.


The focus on online experience necessitated that it be possible for World of Tanks to be enjoyed worldwide, and localization hence became a priority in reaching as many amateur tank commanders as possible. The localization challenges were:

The Challenge

18 languagesNumber of languages

In addition to editing and extensive testing of the English version, Andovar handled localization of the game into 18 languages.

Military terminologyTechnical terminology

A lot of the content revolved around military terminology including tank and weaponry names from decades past, which had to be accurately reflected in all languages.

DEMANDING AUDIENCEHistorical accuracy

World of Tanks became an overnight success and attracted a great community of hardcore fans who scrutinized every detail for historical and linguistic accuracy.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONSTasks for different lnguages

Wargaming.net already had community translations for some of the languages, which Andovar edited and tested, while other languages had to be translated from scratch or required testing only.


Attractive pricing and ROICompetitive pricing

As a global company, Wargaming.net had access to a vast pool of localization suppliers around the world. Hence it was crucial that, in addition to high quality, the Andovar offering included attractive pricing and ROI.


included computer code which needed to be handled carefully to make sure correct game function and display was not affected during the localization process.


The Andovar Solution

Constant communication and collaboration with the Wargaming.net team enabled Andovar to fine-tune processes to achieve optimal efficiency and overcome challenges. Problems were solved quickly and efficiently due to the responsiveness and professional management skills of both parties.

To ensure accuracy and consistency of translation, a large translation termbase and style guide were used by all resources. Omissions or necessary adaptation for specific target languages were identified and implemented swiftly as a result of feedback from the client, WoT community and Andovar linguists.

To match the demand for specialized terminology Andovar employed translators and editors with relevant experience and proven track-records. Andovar’s standard QA processes were used to identify any resources unable to perform to the required standards.