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Experience is everything to travelers. Convey your message clearly in every language your audience speaks, on every device and channel.

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Travel rebound

Global tourism is set to return. People are desperate to travel, and restrictions are being lifted. But the majority of consumers will only book with companies providing content in their native language.

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Unleash universal experiences

Millions of people around the world are browsing websites localized by Andovar

travel & hospitality

Content value

Priorities matter

All content has value — but some is more critical. Importance plays a key role in selecting the most suitable translation approach — human, automated or hybrid.

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Global travel brands

Hotel groups, airlines and travel agents all trust in Andovar's translation expertise.

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Being technology independent means we're able to advise and implement the right tech solutions for your needs, be it translation management system (TMS) or website CMS, translation tools such as translation memory and termbase, or advise on the best machine translation partner for your industry.


Andovar has been in the localization business a long time. Our managers have decades of combined experience. Moving with the latest localization and business trends, Andovar excels in emerging markets, new technologies and complex media localization solutions.


Less than 5% of our translators and voice artists pass our screening process. Added to that, our processes incorporate several stages of quality control, from editing to QA validation and SME review.


With offices located in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Andovar's follow-the-sun project and account management methodology positions us to deliver customer service and support around the clock.


Since its inception in 2007, Andovar has specialized in providing turnkey solutions for complex media projects. From translation to voiceover, integration and testing, Andovar has the skills, infrastructure, resources and project experience to take projects from start to finish, managed in-house.


With over 140 staff across 6 locations, Andovar carefully selects and screens only the best caliber localization professionals. We are employee-owned, meaning everyone has a stake in our clients’ success.