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At Andovar, localization is our passion. For nearly 15 years we have been helping companies leverage multilingual content ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

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15 years

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Why Andovar?

We are the go-to partner for centralized, turnkey translation management of text and audio-based content.


Tech & Automation

Smart solutions such as translation management systems (TMS), web connectors, AI translation engines and traditional tools such as translation memory and termbase, enable us to deliver higher-quality multilingual content, faster.


Human Quality

Less than 5% of our translators and voice artists pass our screening process. Added to that, our processes incorporate several stages of quality control, from editing to QA (Quality Assurance) validation and SME (subject matter experts) review, back up by automated QA technology.


Quality Humans

With over 10,000 full-time employees and in-country translators located worldwide, Andovar carefully selects and screens only the best calibre localization professionals. We are employee-owned, meaning everyone has a stake in our clients’ success.


Global Coverage

With offices located in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Andovar practices a follow-the-sun methodology, making us well positioned to deliver customer service and support around the clock.


Turnkey Solutions

Andovar specializes in providing turnkey solutions for complex media projects. From translation to voiceover, subtitling, integration, and testing, Andovar has the skills, infrastructure, resources, and project experience to take multi-component projects from start to finish without outsourcing.


Specialist Teams

Andovar is made up of teams of specialists, not generalists. Whether your project is a game, movie or TV series, e-commerce platform, app or a series of eLearning courses, we allocate specialist teams with over a decade of knowhow and experience to manage them.

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