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Voice Over Services

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Whatever your niche, Andovar's voiceover agency has you covered. As a leader in high-end multilingual voiceover production, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in media. Games, eLearning, marketing and communications, and TV and entertainment products all benefit from our innovative processes and diverse offerings.

Big or small, we’ve got you covered

When you watch people talk, what you hear needs to match what you see. Count on accuracy with Andovar — audio that syncs seamlessly with on-screen lip movements.

    Voiceover timing is key in content such as documentaries. Your audio will fit just right, starting and finishing on time and hitting on-screen cues.

      Give your eLearning a boost with accurate audio that helps people understand and engage in their preferred language.


        What We Record

        Games, eLearning, TV shows, corporate videos — whatever you’ve got, we’re on it.







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        Millions of people around the world are enjoying content localized by Andovar


        For the Big Screen

        From straightforward translation of eLearning narration to syllable-by-syllable script adaptations for blockbuster movies or TV series, depend on Andovar for premium voiceover solutions.


        Creating a well-formatted voiceover script is key. We recommend for multilingual voiceover, the script be provided in bilingual format, with clearly marked character names, file-naming conventions with a column for pronunciation guidelines for any ambiguous terminology (company terminology, industry jargon and acronyms) and any additional directions.

          Voice acting scripts form the structure and add color to your production. Writing a great script can imbue your project with nuances and emotions that allow your message to bleed through to the audience. They need to sound natural and conversational. Here are some tips we abide by: write it like you say it, keep sentences short and vary the structure, maintain the tone throughout and test it by reading it aloud.

            Translating for lip-sync dubbing is one of the most challenging translations there is. Target translation lengths need to be respected, despite most languages expanding from English. Use of advanced translation synchronization tools allows users to fragment words by syllable and have better control over gaps between words and how the voice actor speaks a line. This results in greater accuracy when dubbing into foreign languages. Building our vast talent pool took thousands of project hours and more than a decade. You’ll find the right voices in over 50 languages for any production, from high-end to low budget.

              IN-HOUSE TALENT

              Choose from 100's of Native Voice Actors

              Building our vast talent pool took thousands of project hours and more than a decade. You’ll find the right voices in over 50 languages for any production, from high-end to low budget.

              We understand that each client might have their own unique vision. To make sure we can turn your vision into reality, we offer a wide selection of voice samples from our pool of 100’s of native language talents and can even conduct unique in-house casting specifically for your project style, requirements and industry type.

                Rely on Andovar’s expertise to execute your audio projects in our fully equipped professional studios. Each of our 5 in-house studios has a recording booth insulated with rockwood and a separate control room, and each is equipped with the latest high-end microphones and software.

                  To ensure the best results, our studio recording sessions are always conducted with native language script directors and language monitors for quality control and to apply any necessary improvements to ensure we get the best performance from our talents.

                    AFFILIATE STUDIOS

                    A Worldwide Network of Voices

                    Avoid the headache and overhead of working with multiple voice agencies for multilanguage projects. Our worldwide network of affiliate studios makes us a one-stop shop for services in any language.

                    Worry no more about quality, consistency and the stress of working with multiple voice agencies to fulfill your vision. Andovar's resource management team can source virtually any language no matter how rare; we're a one-stop shop for all you language needs, no matter what language, industry or format!

                      Our standards are high. To make sure we meet them, all prospective employees undergo a strict screening process before joining Andovar’s dedicated team of experts and talents around the globe. Less than 5% of applicants make it into our talent roster.

                        BEST PRACTICES

                        Recording Processes

                        Best practices give you the best results. We create pronunciation guides and employ bilingual script directors. Skilled engineers record your content in a professional studio. Finally, native speakers handle QA. Check it out in more detail:



                        Before commencing the project, we send your script to the voice talents for review and rehearsal. As well as giving them the opportunity to practice,This review process gives our voice talents the opportunity to practice with the scripts and ensure good flow. If they find ambiguous words in the script, they will seek clarification and add to a pronunciation guide.



                        Voiceover recording takes place in a professional recording studio under the guidance of a native script director and the supervision of a sound engineer.



                        Files are cleaned, split, processed and named by our professional sound engineers using industry-leading audio production tools. As a final step, all audio files go through a final quality assurance check by a native language expert.



                        Completed files are delivered via a secure channel