Software localization

Take your software to a global audience, but make it feel local. We go beyond translation, adapting your programs culturally so you can succeed in new markets.

Software localization is about more than just translating interface text. It’s about making your program feel native — not translated. Colors, fonts and imagery all create an impression that can feel familiar — or foreign. With years of experience in international software rollouts, we’ll guide you smoothly through the complex process of preparing your products for a global audience.

Our clients

Over the past decade we've had the privilege of working with some of the world's most influential brands.



what we localize

Multi device & platform

Cloud, mobile, desktop, web — wherever software lives, Andovar can localize it.

Millions of people around the world are using software localized by Andovar

agile translation


For agile translation

Meeting users’ needs around the world is easier when you don’t have to edit source code. We’ll identify issues and show you how to internationalize your code for easy localization.


Quality assured

Your localized software must work well on multiple devices, on multiple operating systems and in multiple geographies. We’ll make sure it does.

Quality assured
The right tools


The right tools

Each project is unique, and we’ve got the tools to meet any challenge. From CAT tools to termbases to translation management systems, we’ll supply the tech to make your software shine in any language.

Key challenges

Text expansion

Translation typically increases text length by 10% to 40%. Proper planning ensures that your layout still looks good when the text expands.

Hard-coded text

Choose keywords that resonate with users in each target market. Our intimate knowledge of international locales yields keywords that make sense in context.

Units of measure

Measurement units, calendars and currencies all need to reflect the local norms to create the most organic experience for your users.

String concatenation

In English, strings can be appended to form whole sentences, but this fails in many European languages.


Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu and other languages flow both right to left and left to right. Extensive adaption is needed to support these languages.

Cultural considerations

It is also important to consider cultural sensibilities towards images chosen for icons or illustrations.

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