Machine translation

Maintain high quality even at high volume with our innovative AI driven machine translation solutions. Count on Andovar for speed and accuracy.

Machine translation has come a long way, from rule-based MT to neural MT to artificial intelligence and machine learning — with ever more accurate results. Ideal for high-volume projects, Andovar’s MT moves your content to market quickly, upping your return on investment. Select a ready-to-go translation engine, available for multiple languages and domains, or customize an engine for maximum flexibility.

Our partners

We partner with some of the most advanced language technology providers in the business to meet the demands of the most influential brands.




Scaling global content

From fashion to travel, e-commerce to media, global businesses depend on Andovar.

Millions of people around the world are enjoying content provided by Andovar

AI-driven results

translation engines

AI-driven results

Choose from basic, professional, and industry-specific translation engines. We’ve trained them with millions of words from thousands of relevant sources for optimal accuracy and speed.

MT post-editing

Man and machine

Real people polish every MT project. Andovar’s extensive team of specially trained post-editors finetune your translated content to ensure it meets your needs, balancing quality and schedule.

Man and machine

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