E-commerce automation (AI)

Get your products and services to the people who need them with Andovar’s AI-powered e-commerce translation and localization solutions.

The global e-commerce market is fast approaching 2 billion buyers. Does your brand speak all their languages? To reach the most people in the most places, you don’t just need translation – you need localization that resonates with individual markets. Accomplishing this at scale is easier than ever with Andovar’s machine translation, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Our partners

We partner with some of the most advanced language technology providers in the business to meet the demands of the most influential brands.




Smart, custom solutions

Assign translators to work on UI and critical marketing content; have AI manage the rest.

Millions of people are purchasing from websites localized by Andovar

Raring-to-go engines


Raring-to-go engines

Drive more eyes to your brand — in any space. With decades of experience in travel, retail and automotive, Andovar has ready-to-go MT engines for many industries — or we’ll customize one just for you.


Go to market faster

Get to market in a matter of weeks. Andovar’s intelligent machine translation processes high-volume, noncritical content while human translators handle the rest, so you can launch faster than ever.

Go to market faster

Key features


Translate your content into multiple languages with hundreds of high-quality language pairs for every conceivable source-to-target combination.

AI machine

Sophisticated engines automatically translate content in fractions of a second, speeding up your project without sacrificing quality.


Integrate your process with many popular translation management systems and content management systems you may already be using, such as Wordbee, XTM and memoQ.


Take advantage of a wide array of preloaded products and key terms for your brand, increasing efficiency and speed.


Enjoy finished content that always looks perfect. Andovar anticipates and handles potential formatting issues ahead of time.


Your machine-translated content will always meet or exceed your standards with Andovar’s objective quality metrics.

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