Key Project
Qnet.net Industry: Marketing

QNET is a leading e-commerce based direct selling business, offering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products to customers around the world.

Qnet, a Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing company, has long combined e-commerce with the distribution methods of network marketing, positioning themselves as an intuitive and modern organization with a strong foothold in Asia and immense potential for global growth. Through a careful combination of localized companies, network support centers and agent representative offices, Qnet strives to continually expand its local on-ground support to best service an expanding retail customer base and a growing network of distributors.

The Challenge

TECHNICAL Terminology and language preference

Early in its global expansion, Qnet managed the language component of localization through in-country marketing agents, but soon understood the challenges facing companies that seek to manage their global content and image in a cohesive and comprehensive way. Factors such as the importance of consistent terminology across or within product lines and internal management language preferences were quickly brought to the forefront as key areas that Andovar would streamline upon taking up the project.

CULTURAL Sensitivities and values

Having several key markets across the entirety of Asia and the Middle East, and with burgeoning markets in Europe and the Americas, an exceptionally important part of Qnet’s work lies in navigating each region’s sensitivities and cultural values while retaining a consistent level of quality in their work. With Andovar’s assistance, Qnet was able to speak their company’s language in every culture thanks to careful research and adherence to societal factors, thereby addressing potentially sensitive issues before they emerged. In addition, Andovar was able to adapt cultural values that underlie Qnet’s sales structure and to develop communications collateral in “localization friendly formats”, further strengthening Qnet’s position in each market.

CONTEXTUAL Tailored content

While several localization challenges are common for corporations launching globalization initiatives, Qnet represented an especially interesting case study because of their pre-existing global reach into highly diverse global markets and their wide range of product offerings. A mix of requirements were needed for both technology and cultural adaptation, which in turn necessitated a strategic upgrade to their global localization approach and the hiring of highly specialized staff to achieve it.


The Andovar Solution

Qnet made a well-defined decision to improve its approach to “Globalization through Localization”. Several sub-decisions and actions were subsequently made:

TEAM COMPOSITIONSubject matter experts

Not only does Andovar’s staff come from highly professional backgrounds but so too do the carefully vetted translators and editors that Andovar employed across over 20 languages for Qnet engagements. Andovar specifically sought to recruit these individuals together with an experienced localization engineer who had previously worked with Microsoft’s localization group, the latter of which became responsible for defining Qnet’s updated approach to documentation and whose contributions would prove to have additional implications downstream.

PROCESSES Efficiency and consistency

Andovar’s services are built on quality and speed with a strong emphasis on being flexible and responsive. This approach extends to various service areas such as smoothing processes, cost efficiency and addressing potential issues. Whenever a quick turnaround is requested, Andovar can accommodate. Qnet benefitted from Andovar’s depth of experience by taking a consultative approach to identify potential problems in advance, as well as to develop several style guides and writing guidelines to help ensure a consistent approach to communications throughout their organization, enabling them in turn to make optimal gains through the intelligent use of translation memory tools for consistency and cost-savings.

QA Quality

Andovar provides an overall high-quality of localization to all the core languages they work in, which consistently met Qnet’s expectations. From the start of the relationship, and up through Qnet’s development of a new approach, Andovar constantly consulted with Qnet to help make the changes and adjustments needed to optimize their approach to localization. Once the approach to content and localization was finalized, Andovar was able to work rapidly toward successful uptake of these strategies in over 20 languages.

RESOURCES Personnel and technology

Andovar’s team, from management to operations, uses an entrepreneurial/executive perspective to achieve consistently successful outcomes, with services that go beyond linguistic services. Andovar is technologically orientated with a strong creative focus, staying ahead of the latest software and providing sophisticated solutions to ensure localization processes run smoothly. Andovar is open to considering and accepting new technologies and ideas recommended from the client-side, and always provide useful analysis after testing. Due to Andovar’s experience in these areas, they also served as marketing and brand managers in synchrony with the Qnet marketing team.