Key Project
Prometric Industry: eLearning

Prometric is a leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions to many of the world’s most recognized licensing and certification organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Prometric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS), is the recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services. Its comprehensive suite of services, including test development, test delivery and data management, allows clients to develop and launch global testing programs as well as accurately measure program results and data. Prometric reliably delivers and administers tests on behalf of 450 clients in academic, professional, healthcare, government, corporate and information technology markets. It delivers tests flexibly via the Web or by utilizing a robust test center network in 135 countries.


The Challenge

TECHNICAL Specialized content

Prometric’s content is tricky to localize due to the very technical and specialized language it contains. Exams aimed at IT professionals and computer programmers consist of specialist programming language and terminology. Exams aimed at healthcare professionals contain medical terminology. The specific nature of the testing content was an obstacle to Prometric when trying to find a localization vendor to cover all subject areas for multiple languages.

40 + LANGUAGES Multilingual voiceovers

Another localization challenge for Prometric was finding a vendor who could handle their multilingual voice- over and audio needs. Many of the Prometric exams require oral content to be recorded into multiple languages along with the written content. Additionally, Prometric had problems with past vendors regarding the quality of the work provided. They wanted to find a single vendor that could handle both the translation of the audio scripts and content as well as the recording itself.

RARE LANGUAGES Uncommon language combinations

Because Prometric provides exam development for governmental agencies, language combinations can often be unusual due to legal requirements. For example, road safety exams created for the Road Safety Authority of Ireland were legally required to be available in English and Irish Gaelic. Prometric needed to find a localization vendor who could not only provide written translation for these uncommon language combinations, but also provide audio services for the same.

HIGH COSTSRising costs & multiple vendors

Before engaging Andovar for localization services, Prometric was working with a large NASDAQ-listed localization company. However, quality issues and missed deadlines were quickly becoming an issue. Additionally, Prometric didn’t have one single vendor who could cover their text localization and audio needs. These issues forced Prometric to look elsewhere for a one-stop-shop solution with better valued services.


The Andovar Solution

Andovar was able to rise to the many localization challenges faced by Prometric while providing better valued solutions for the client. Here are some of the services provided by Andovar to meet Prometric’s needs:

SME’SSubject matter expert linguists

Instead having one translator cover a varied area of content and topics, Andovar recruits SME linguists for each individual project for Prometric as needed. If the Prometric content is concerning a particular computer programming language, Andovar will provide a linguist who has studied and worked with that program extensively. For medical content, Andovar recruits doctors and nurses who are specialized in medical translation. Andovar also always has one person translate with a second linguist proofreading/editing the work. These steps ensure that a quality translation is always provided.

PROJECT CONTROL In-house recording studios

Andovar maintains proprietary state-of-the-art recording studios worldwide, allowing better control over the process of providing multilingual voice-over and audio services. Our audio resource managers dedicate their time to recruiting voice talents to add to our database of audio resources. Clients are provided with voice talent samples so that they may choose their preferred voice. More specialized services such as song localization are also available.

PROCESSES Proven quality processes

Translation: Using carefully vetted subject-matter specialists for translation, Andovar’s language management process combines a professional translator and editor with technologies that ensure smart terminology management and consistency across every project.

Audio: Prior to recording, the audio scripts are double-checked by a native linguist for the target language. Andovar will also create a pronunciation guideline that is approved by the client, assuring that brand names, titles, and other proper nouns are pronounced exactly as the client requires. During recording, a native- speaking Language Director will monitor the recording to ensure the quality of the recording.

COST EFFICIENCIES Global production teams

By choosing Andovar as its localization provider, Prometric benefits from reduced localization costs while getting high quality services from Andovar’s integrated production offices. Andovar was created with the goal of providing an integrated localization service to our clients with competitive positioning in terms of cost, quality and turnaround times. Andovar’s main production hubs in Asia and Latin America allow for full coverage of the global workday and time zones while reducing overhead due to the lower production costs in these regions.