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QI Services (Thailand) Ltd.

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They not only hold extensive experience in technical skills but they are beauty-oriented. When doing artwork, they can anticipate how the brands should be beautifully displayed in the localized languages

The Client

QI Services (QI) had the foresight in 1998 to combine the then-recent phenomenon of e-commerce with the long-established distribution method of network marketing. The result was a defiance of geographical borders within an industry that holds immense potential for personal and financial growth.

QI’s key markets are found within Southeast Asia (where the company was founded), South Asia, North and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa; however, QI distributors are active worldwide. The company additionally is planning expansions into Europe, North and South America.

While the company’s global presence continues to grow, QI is actively localizing companies in various markets to meet growing demand and to better service local needs. Localized companies operate with tailored on-ground support, services, infrastructure, currency, and local products. To date, QI supports localized companies in Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Taiwan and Sri Lanka, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, the UAE, and Thailand, among other key regions.

Through a careful combination of localized companies, Network Support Centers (NSCs), and agent representative offices, QI strives to continually expand its local, on-ground support to best service an expanding retail customer base and a growing network of distributors.


The Challenge

Early in its global expansion, QI began building “localized” in-country affiliates by providing a regionally or nationally appropriate mix of products sold directly through the QI network. They initially started to manage the language component of localization through in-country marketing agents, but started to understand several of the challenges facing companies that seek to manage their global content and image in a cohesive and comprehensive way.

Consistent use of terminology across or within product lines
Leverage of translation memory to extend global communication budgets
Cultural adaptation of values that underlie QI’s sales structure
Internal management of language preferences
Developing communications collateral in “localization friendly” formats In fact, these challenges are fairly common to the localization learning curve for corporations launching globalization initiatives. However, QI represents an especially interesting case study because of:
Pre-existing global reach into highly diverse global markets
Wide and robust range of product offerings
Mix of requirements for both technology and cultural adaptation
Strategic decision to upgrade their approach to localization, and the hiring of highly specialized staff to build a localizable approach to their globalization objectives

The Solution: A New Approach

QI made a well-defined decision to improve its approach to “Globalization through Localization”. Several sub-decisions and actions were subsequently made:

  • Recruit an experienced localization engineer who had previously worked with Microsoft’s localization group. This person became responsible for defining QI’s updated approach to documentation, which would prove to have additional implications downstream.
  • Develop style guides and writing guidelines to help ensure a consistent approach to communications, which would in turn enable QI to make optimal gains through the intelligent use of translation memory tools for consistency and cost-savings.
  • Make improved use of updated desktop publishing and authoring tools, which would in turn support QI’s direction toward structured content generation.
  • QI additionally affirmed its relationship with Andovar as its sole provider of translation and localization services.

    From the start of the relationship, and up through QI’s development of a new approach, Andovar constantly consulted with QI to help make the changes and adjustments needed to optimize their approach to localization. Once QI made a decision to formalize its approach to content and localization, Andovar was able to work rapidly toward successful uptake of these strategies in over 20 languages.

Andovar provides an overall high quality level in all core languages, which has always met QI’s expectations. Additionally, Andovar was effectively able to address potential issues of cultural sensitivity.

    Andovar’s service is very fast and proactive with flexible responsiveness. Whenever a quick turnaround is requested, Andovar is able to accommodate.

      Smoothing Processes/Lowering Costs/Spotting Potential Issues: QI noted that Andovar uses a logical workflow system. Andovar’s account manager always focuses on ensuring that the client gains a good return on long-term investment, and that Andovar is not purely profit-oriented but heavily focused on relationship-building as evidenced by continuous recommendations for improved approaches that save cost and improve performance. QI also noted that Andovar uses its depth of experience by taking a consultative approach, identifying potential problems in advance.

        QI acknowledged that Andovar staffers come from highly professional backgrounds, which is of critical importance to QI; this applies not only to staff, but also to the professional translators and editors Andovar employs across over 20 languages for QI engagements.

          Andovar provides reasonable pricing that accurately reflects the complexity of a given project whether for translation rates, hourly desktop publishing or other value-added services.

            Andovar’s experience goes beyond technology and workflow into the aesthetic of QI’s artwork. QI feels that Andovar goes beyond technical and linguistic services, and considers Andovar to work as marketing and brand manager that synchronizes well with the QI marketing team.

              Andovar’s team, from management to operations, uses an entrepreneurial/executive perspective to achieve consistently successful outcomes

                Andovar is technology-oriented. They are very dynamic in terms of technology updates and constantly provide updates to sophisticated technologies that enable QI’s localization process to run much more smoothly. They are open to considering and accepting new technologies recommended from the client-side, and always provides QI with useful analysis after testing.

                Clearly, Andovar and QI maintain a strong relationship built on well-established trust, consistently high quality, and excellent value. Andovar is proud to continue working with QI, proactively working to help them continue process and workflow improvements and adding value through our knowledge of localization, and of QI’s needs as a true globalization partner.