Localization Strategy

Andovar helps brands evolve to stay one step ahead in an ever-expanding digital landscape, so you can connect and engage with new global audiences.
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Localization Strategy

How Mature is Your Localization Model?

  • 1Unpredictable, reactive processesAd-hoc processes result in a random approach to localization.
  • 2Managed but not matureYou use some basic tools, but they are general in nature and your progress is slow.
  • 3Middle of the roadYou employ standard tools and take a refined approach to localization.
  • 4Rock-solid foundationYou have implemented comprehensive technological solutions and properly defined all roles. Things are progressing nicely.
  • 5Full maturityYou have documented all your processes and established quality management plans. You’re in complete control from workflow to technology.

Process. Planning. Technology. Roles

Modern technology and digital platforms have permanently altered the way people interact with brands. At Andovar, we help you navigate this new and exciting landscape, using multilingual content to reach audiences on a global scale. Identifying the most lucrative markets to expand into is the easy part – but only savvy brands can deliver content that resonates with every audience. From technology and processes to project management, consulting, and budgeting, Andovar facilitates brand growth.


4 Pillars of Localization Success


Implement scalable processes organization-wide

Establishing robust localization processes is job one. From terminology management to testing, Andovar draws on decades of managerial experience to get you going.


Integrate localization into your strategy

Building localization into your business process is far more efficient than tackling it after the fact. Andovar helps you plan and budget a successful strategy using trustworthy tools to simulate costs and schedule rollouts.


Deploy the best technology for your business

Selecting the right technology is essential for meeting your localization goals.We are technology-independent, so our only consideration is what’s best for your business.You will get the tools you need for your website, e-commerce, apps, documents, and media — no strings attached.


Dedicated resources and centralized procurement

Build your localization efforts on a solid foundation with the guidance of dedicated resources.We will help you establish a central or regional procurement model aligned with your processes, planning and technology.It is a complex process. , but Andovar leads the way.


Consultative Approach

Localization management consulting

We help you implement technologies and resource management solutions to establish the most effective processes.

    Market advice

    Considering consumer habits and conversion propensity, we help you to establish your brand in the most lucrative markets using native language content.

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